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The name Maurice Lacroix stands for decades of experience in the production of high-quality watches. With complex manufacture movements, outstanding innovation and distinctive design, Maurice Lacroix enriches the world of exclusive timepieces.

Maurice Lacroix has set itself a clear objective: creating extraordinary timepieces through consistent preservation of the long tradition of the Swiss watchmaking art and meeting its high standards as well as through its own, innovative complications and movement developments, contemporary design and a heightened passion for detail, perfection and quality. With this commitment, the brand has, since the middle of the 1980s, made an essential, indispensable contribution to the renaissance of the mechanical timepiece.

Since the early 1990s, Maurice Lacroix has been focusing its efforts on developing attractive additional functions with lavish, surprising mechanisms. Important milestones for the brand history include the year 2003 and its Masterpiece Double Rétrograde, with a highly complex mechanism for this model’s retrograde indications developed entirely in-house, and the conceptual design of a ¾-bridge used for the first time for the Masterpiece Lune Rétrograde in 2005. Its high quality manufacture movements and the production of complex components for mechanical calibres in its own workshops at Montfaucon, near Saignelégier, propelled Maurice Lacroix into the rank of an exclusive Swiss manufacture brand in 2006.

Today, Maurice Lacroix can look back on a remarkable series of innovative developments and is able to demonstrate outstanding expertise especially in the area of chronographs as well as retrograde displays and moon phase indications. This is instantiated not least by the ML 106 manufacture movement, an exclusive chronograph calibre, but above all by the Mémoire 1: With the Memory function, which found its initial application in this strictly limited chronograph, Maurice Lacroix has, in the year 2008, officially presented an entirely new Grande Complication.

The Maurice Lacroix research and development department and workshops in Saignelégier are among the industry’s most modern. Here, all factors critical to the successful production of excellent watches converge: creativity, watchmaking expertise, skilled craftsmanship, industrial know-how, technological capabilities, and, not least, a pronounced sense of quality. Some 90,000 timepieces leave the workshops in Saignelégier every year, finding their way to demanding customers all over the world.

Headquartered at Saignelégier in Switzerland’s Jura Mountains, Maurice Lacroix has subsidiaries in Germany, Great Britain, and the United States, and has its own watch ateliers, manufacture workshops, and a case fabrication plant. Maurice Lacroix timepieces are available at about 3,300 selected retail shops in over 70 countries.

Creative Contribution to the World of Mechanical Timepieces
The experience, expertise and proficiency of designers, engineers, constructors and watchmakers were gathered together under the name of “L’Atelier de Maurice Lacroix”. This new creative cell is where revolutionary ideas for movements and complications, which are setting new benchmarks in the history of the brand and of mechanical timekeeping, are born. Maurice Lacroix will incorporate the innovations garnered from this watchmaking art into its successful collections. The first result to emerge from the Atelier’s creative efforts is the Mémoire 1, which Maurice Lacroix presented at Baselworld 2008. In this strictly limited chronograph, a new Grande Complication, entirely developed by Maurice Lacroix, is used: The first memory function in a mechanical watch.

Maurice Lacroix Mémoire 1

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