Mondaine is a Zurich based Swiss watch company founded in 1951 by Erwin Bernheim.The company is focused in the production of proprietary brands, (Mondaine, M-Watch), licensed brands (Bally, camel active), private labels, promotional watches, and outsourcing services for third parties. Currently the company is jointly owned by his sons, C André Bernheim (COO) and Ronnie Bernheim (CEO).

What was a credo for the company founder and pioneer of the Swiss watch industry, Erwin Bernheim, who recently passed away, is still a tradition of innovation that continues to live on in every way at Mondaine. This independent family business has a keen sense for predicting the demands and wishes of a clientele that is accustomed to high quality. The company is dedicated to using their enthusiasm and professionalism to work with these trends to design forward-looking products that set new standards and provide the highest levels of satisfaction.

The goal and motivation of the Mondaine team led by Ronnie and André Bernheim is the same as it has always been: combining solid craftsmanship with an awareness of the most current trends both on and under the face of the watch. Their Just-in-Time process, which is based on excellent teamwork and has been awarded the Swiss Logistics prize, has enabled Mondaine to pursue the production side of their goal in Switzerland in a cost-effective and competitive way. With respect to sales, Mondaine places their main emphasis on close and reliable collaboration with strong, well-established watch importers on every continent.

Lumondi, a new sales partner for the Mondaine brand in the US, operates under a vendor managed inventory concept. Sales development in the Far East has also been steadily progressing according to plan. Marketing investments are used to proactively stimulate turnover in all key and some additional countries. The results of this are clearly visible, even in the German market, which is finally experiencing a slow economic recovery and successfully being revived through promotion with the help of retailers. The Swiss market,which as always is continuing to show excellent growth with Mondaine, serves as the model here for other markets.

Mondaine – born in Switzerland, at home around the world

As a manufacturer of watches and clocks in the mid to lower price range, Mondaine, in little Switzerland, must continually come up with attractive ideas to secure their spot on the world stage. André Bernheim (49), Ronnie Bernheim (57) and their team generate the ideas that make this possible by unrelentingly analyzing and harmonizing the wishes of the customers with current trends, fashion developments and, of course, the latest technology. In this respect, Mondaine is and remains a source of creative innovation – on all five continents.

Mondaine Railways Watch – the good spirit of Swiss train stations

The nobility of conservative values of iconic products continues to be in demand, even with the world’s largest Mondaine clock, the official clock of Swiss train stations. These enormous timepieces, with a face that measures eight meters (25 ft) in diameter, were erected at the St. Gotthard Tunnel’s north entrance for the tunnel’s 125th anniversary.

The classic design of the watch collection is now over 20 year old and is based on the model that has been hanging in all Swiss train stations for over 60 years. It has not only proven it’s exceptional readability as a wristwatch, table clock or wall clock, but now at Gotthard, as well, where even airplane passengers flying overhead can see the time. For the 125th anniversary of the Gotthard tunnel, a Swiss construction that represents the achievement of a century, Mondaine is producing a numbered special edition version for the wrist. It has an impressive design with a white or black face, a case of 40 mm in diameter and a Gotthard tunnel anniversary logo.

Camel active – the free spirit of the adventurer

As a licensed manufacturer, Mondaine has created, produced and sold camel active watches that stand for personal freedom and independence since 1993. They smoothly take their place in the international success story of the well-known camel active lifestyle collection of clothing, shoes, luggage articles, eyeglasses and more. The new series takes its owner on a trip through time that leads to the outer limits of one’s own self – not however to the limits of the camel active watch which is a reliable partner even far from civilization and under extreme conditions.

With their stylishly sporty design, the numerous models in the collection provide just the right variety to make any man stand out from the crowd. Four models that feature an alarm function supported by a sound box on the bottom of the casing ensure that no one misses out on an adventure or expedition; camel active watches faithfully accompany their owners through thick and thin, leaving space and time for indoor and outdoor experiences.

M-Watch by Mondaine – the real spirit of modesty

Well over six million M-Watches sold in Switzerland within 23 years is clear evidence of the huge success of this collection and the exceptional new models that are added to it on a continual basis. Minimal markup makes a reliable Swiss watch available to cost-conscious shoppers at low prices with an authentic, durable and aesthetically appealing construction they can appreciate. Using the factory direct concept with its Swiss distributor Migros, the export of this collection is being promoted internationally with new partners.

Intercontinental partnership with Luminox

The investment of André and Ronnie Bernheim in the American watch brand Luminox in the Spring of 2006 is also developing according to plan for the production of Mondaine Watch Ltd. In Switzerland, they have achieved the increase in production they aimed for in Biberist (SO) which will lead to another expansion in 2007. In addition to the synergy already mentioned, the Luminox collection can now expand through the sales force of Mondaine Watch Ltd. in Switzerland and Germany. A transatlantic win-win situation in important and difficult markets has already been evident in the first year of their collaboration.

As a result of the new partnership, the Mondaine watch brand is now directly sold to American watch dealers and to museum and design shops in the US through Lumondi Inc., the “Luminox Watch Company”. This excellent collaboration has turned into an attractive partnership for both sides, which brings new perspectives and a promising future.

Private label – the individual spirit of creative precision

Mondaine designs, perfects and manufactures watches for a clientele with their own brand according to the client’s own ideas and specification. This is accomplished with the most modern Just-in-Time process that eliminates excessive stock and allows for punctual delivery. This thorough service even includes worldwide delivery in the customer’s name, something the employees at Mondaine specialize in. The Bernheim Brothers’ investment in the internationally successful American brand Luminox has made what was initially a private label customer relationship expanded into a partner-ship since 2006. The very masculine Luminox watches, which have an unparalleled self-powered night illumination and have been tried and proven in demanding situations by pilots, athletes, the military, police and rescue workers, are now manufactured by Mondaine as a Private Label supplier.

Promotional watches – the communicative spirit of originality

Mondaine is the place to go for companies and organizations that are looking for a high quality promotional watch that attracts attention and has an individual look whether they need a small or large series. Quick production, flexibility and exciting ideas make Mondaine the most successful player in this area.

Milestones in Company History

1950s: “Frank & Bernheim” company established as an importer and distributor of watches in Brazil; Mondaine becomes registered trademark; Mondaine acquires Neuchâtel SA, a small manufacturer of lever watches (400 per year); Constructa Watch Ltd. established for production of pin lever watches.

1960s: “Remonta & Bernheim” founded; Factory built in Biberist, Solothurn Canton, Switzerland for the manufacture of lever watches

1970s: Pioneering development of digital watches (LED) in collaboration with Hughes Aircraft; Development of world’s first LCD digital watches in collaboration with Brown Boveri and Hoffman la Roche; Launch of world’s first consumer-programmable LCD watches with microprocessors; Introduction of first solar quartz watch with both analog and digital displays

1980s: Establishment of Mondaine International Service Organization, an after-sales service network dubbed ‘MISO’; Development of the M-Watch in just 28 days; joint launch with Migros; New shaped glass casing for waterproof watches; M-Watch world innovation: waterproof plastic watch without a metal pressure bezel; Two million M-Watches sold in Switzerland by the end of the decade; Exclusive licensing agreement with Swiss Rail (SBB); Establishment of Mondaine Swiss Watch (Far East) Ltd in Hong Kong (sales and marketing)

1990s: 5,000,000th M-Watch sold in Switzerland. Mondaine brand launched in Swiss stores;Development of world’s first post-consumer recycling watch, recipient of World; Ecology Award;Recipient of German Design Plus award for innovative design and ecological concept; Recognized by Sir Terence Conran at London Design Museum;Global licensor of Camel Trophy Adventure Watches since 1993; Oscar winner H.R. Giger, renowned metal sculptor Bernhard Luginbühl, and star architect Mario Botta collaborate in designing exclusive watches for Mondaine; Mondaine tells time on Zurich train station “meeting point” clock; Prominent museums (MoMA, SFMoMA, Guggenheim Bilbao) carry Mondaine Design Line; Expansion of Mondaine International Service Organization (MISO) repair unit; Licensing agreement with Bally for luxury watches; Line of Jean-Michel Cousteau watches launched at Lucerne IMAX (Keiko Project); Official timekeeper of Tour de Suisse, 1992-1994; Official timekeeper of CSI equestrian event in Zurich, 1997-2000.

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