Meccaniche Veloci is an independent Swiss-Italian contemporary watchmaker, established in Milan in 2006. MV timepieces are strongly characterised by their piston-shaped case and today they have become an authentic icon all over the world

Now, based in Geneva, Meccaniche Veloci  has managed to successfully combine motor engineering with the highest quality watch craftsmanship since 2006. Allowing all of the Adrenalin of high speed to be relived in wristwatches that stand out for their state of the art design and strong sports and technological imprinting. Every single Meccaniche Veloci model tells a different story in addition to being a veritable masterpiece of creativity and original for its use of materials.

Bold in design and material, the famed Quattro Valvole watch, renowned throughout the world for reminding of the section of a motor piston, is a timepiece that expresses the essence and values of the brand.

Four phases, four valves, four pistons. Obsessed with perfection, high spec mechanics and a focus on high performance, the initial concept was born. From the shop to the asphalt to the drawing board, the idea took shape: the piston became the heart of the timepiece and changed the rules of watch design; functional aesthetics, packed with the emotion and passion of motor sports took the lead. Born out of this thrill of creation, Quattro Valvole by Meccaniche Veloci is a whirl of precision and personality that doesn’t chase after time, it captures it directly on your wrist.

Essential in gesture and brilliant in its design, Quattro Valvole, the icon of Meccaniche Veloci, is forged directly from a metal core that’s alive and throbbing, because style also means standing out.

Speed and mechanical components represent the true nature of these watches. Not just a sporting spirit, but also pure mechanics at the service of the internal mechanism of the watch. The symbol of the brand is the piston with the four subdials representing the intake and exhaust valves which are reproduced and engineered to house the four movements of the watch. Hence the name Quattro Valvole, which today identifies Meccaniche Veloci’s best known model and the focus of their main collections.

Sporting, elegant and precious in the Classic, Luxury and Limited Edition lines, the models all have precise, delicate and elegant styles, as in the best of Italian design. These watches are worn like a second skin. One can choose from wide varieties of colours of the watch dial, materials and straps, with the logo of the mechanism always in view.

Manufactured, assembled and controlled in Switzerland, Meccaniche Veloci watches proudly bear the wording “Swiss Made”. With one or four movements, they reveal the perfection and extreme precision of their mechanism.

Almost five years since its launch, Meccaniche Veloci introduced a collection of the famous Quattro Valvole line, in four different variants. The famous timepiece based on a four-phase engine piston, which reminds of the intake and exhaust valves of the engine, has been re-designed. It is a veritable evolution that involves new styling, and exceptional mechanical craftsmanship, enhancing the functionality of the timepiece. Titanium for the case, a single slightly convex, anti-reflective, sapphire crystal glass  covering  the  dial  and,  to  finish,  the  Swiss  Made  stamp,  confirming  the excellence of the timepieces.

Since 2016 Meccaniche Veloci headquarters has been based in Plan-les-Ouates, the famous watchmakers district of Geneva, Switzerland. In 2016, Meccaniche Veloci launched the MV 8801 in-house movement and the Quattro Valvole Four Strokes Moneymaker is the first watch model to be powered with this new mechanical automatic caliber.

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