F.P.Journe Élégante Joaillerie Version

Luxury watch manufacture F.P.Journe introduces a new high jewellery edition of their élégante watch collection for women.

In this new Joaillerie edition, the 40 mm Platinum patented ® flat Tortue case of the new élégante watch is pave-set with diamonds intertwined with rubies, blue sapphires, tsavorites or black diamonds and a powdered satin bracelet of matching colour. The dial is also set with similar stones and a diamond hour circle. The black diamond version features an opposite setting. The folding clap is also set with diamonds.

The élégante by F.P.Journe boasts a very long autonomy of 8 to 18 years depending if in daily use or in standby mode. The electromechanical movement is fitted with a mechanical motion detector visible on the dial at 4h30. After 30 minutes motionless, the watch switches to standby mode in order to save energy and its hands stop turning.

During the standby mode, the microprocessor continues to measure time, but the mechanical elements – gear train, rotors and hands, stop moving. As soon as the watch is worn again, the hands automatically set themselves to the correct time, taking the shortest path, whether clockwise or counter-clockwise.

The élégante is also available:-
-With a 40 mm Titanium case, with or without diamonds, luminescent dial and rubber strap, available in 7 colours.
-With a 40 mm 18K red Gold case, set with one row of diamonds, pave set or without diamonds.
-With a case in Platinum pave-set with diamonds, dial also pave-set.
-With a 48 mm oversized Titanium case with rubber strap in 9 colours or with diamond pave-set bezel, on karung silver white snake strap.

Technical details

Calibre 1210
Patented two-rotor motor
Dedicated processor, specific functions and low consumption
Quartz frequency: 32’768 Hz

Movement dimensions
Overall dimensions: 28.5 x 28.3 mm
Casing-up: 27.9 x 27.7 mm
Overall Height: 3.13 mm
Height of winding stem: 1.10 mm
Diameter of stem thread: S 0.90 mm

Standby after 30 minutes motionless
Restart and automatic time setting when the watch is put back on
Motion detector with inertia weight visible on the dial
2 position hand setting stem

Main characteristics
Time adjustment in position 2 of the hand-setting stem
Stop second in time setting position (crown pulled)

Daily use: 8 to 10 years
Standby mode: 18 years

Central hours and minutes
Small second at 6h00

Golden movement 4N
Engraved and decorated battery bridge
Cotes de Genève
Screw heads polished and bevelled
Pegs with polished rounded ends

Dimensions: Flat Tortue in Platinum 40.0 x 35.0 mm
Total thickness: 7.35 mm
Transparent sapphire back
Water resistant to 30 m, screw down crown

Inner dial set precious coloured stones, hour ring with diamonds
Outer dial with screwed Steel elements
Blued Steel hands

Powdered satin assorted to the precious stones

Number of components
Number of jewels: 18
Movement: 132
Including case and strap: 162

– 315 diamonds VVS F/G for 2.81 carats and 72 rubies or blue sapphires for 0.71 carat
– 315 diamonds VVS F/G for 2.81 carats and 72 tsavorites for 0.64 carat
– 315 diamonds VVS F/G for 2.84 carats and 72 black diamonds for 0.68 carat
Inner dial:
– Set with 217 rubies, blue sapphires or tsavorites and hour circle with 163 diamonds for a total of 0.79 carat
– Set with 259 white diamonds and hour ring with 121 black diamonds for a total of 0.74 carat

Folding clasp in Platinum also set with 18 diamonds for 0.95 carat.

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