Namfleg Watches

Namfleg manufacture has been creating enamel jewelry for10 years. All jewelry is made in the best traditions of the famous jeweler Carl Faberge.

Carefully preserving secrets of handmade cloisonné enamel, talented artisans of the company have mastered the process of making exclusive jewelry from the sketch to final finish. Namfleg is a subdivision of Swiss company Gelfman S.A. specializing in non-conventional timepieces.

At Baselworld 2016, for the first time, Namfleg presented a collection of watches with vibrant and bold enamel dials.

Combining the art of guilloché and translucent enamel, the artisans created beautiful 3D images depicting flowers, tropical birds and butterflies. Rich enamel colors and romantic motifs are inspired by Mother Nature itself.

These delightful timepieces are designed specially for women and would certainly be highly appreciated by women of all ages. Namfleg offers diversity of dials, straps and cases so that every woman could choose a watch that suits her personal style.

Further exploring the field of decorative arts, Namfleg presents the second, «Stone collection». For this collection Namfleg revived another ancient and honorable technique – stone marquetry. Also known as pietre dure in Italy and Florentine mosaic in England, the hard stone carving is quite new to watchmaking industry as opposed to enamel.

Numerous multi-colored pieces of different shapes were meticulously carved out of marble, mother-of-pearl and semi-precious stones by the artisans, forming miniature mosaics.

39 mm-diameter stainless steel case of Namfleg watches feature either gold PVD-coating or bezel set with cubic zirconia. Elegant crown is adorned with a moonstone cabochon. Each timepiece is enhanced by a strap made of ostrich, lizard or crocodile leather. The watches are equipped with Swiss quartz movements.

Namfleg watches belong to affordable luxury segment with suggested retail prices starting fom CHF 999-.


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