Le Rhöne

Le Rhöne is a Geneva based luxury Swiss watch brand established in 2013 by – Loïc Florentin and Timo Rajakoski – two childhood friends, who met very young on the school benches of Venezuela.

Each Le Rhöne watch is first and foremost the product of the best Swiss artisanal workshops in the utmost respect of watchmaking tradition. The combination of precision craftsmanship know-how with the two founders’ original approach to watchmaking creates the essence of Le Rhöne watches: the highest quality standards with a touch of modernity and audacity. Behind Le Rhöne watches, we can feel the vibrant entrepreneurship and perfectionism of its two founders.

From an early age, Loïc and Timo dreamed out loud and threw caution to the wind, a state of mind which has become their strength in business.

While Le Rhöne watches seek to attract aficionados of freedom and originality, they require above all a high-quality manufacture in the best Swiss workshops. Designed by Yvan Ketterer, Le Rhöne timepieces have already conquered the hearts and wrists of many enthusiasts around the world.

In a profound personalization effort, the brand allows its clients to customize the design of their pieces before production through a great modularity of materials and finishes, so that they exactly match what the clients had pictured wearing on their wrist, all in exceptionally short lead times. In this way, each watch becomes the reflection of each owner’s desires.

Official website: www.lerhone.com

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