Gruppo Gamma Time Instruments

Established by a small team of watch aficionados and hobby watchmakers, Gruppo Gamma Time Instruments creates tool watches inspired from the iconic timepieces from the 20th century.

Based in Singapore, Gruppo Gamma Time Instruments produces limited quantities of timepieces to ensure high levels of quality assurance and strong after sales support.  The brand has adopted an evolutionary development process and the watch models are prefixed with Mk I, II, III and so forth.

Gruppo Gamma Time Instruments

Having successfully launched the Genesis and Ascent series in 2013 Gruppo Gamma released the Vanguard in 2014, a Mk III model which is a retro-inspired design infused with contemporary touches and conveys maritime and military undertones.

Gruppo Gamma watches history

The case is made of stainless steel, titanium or bronze, fitted with double domed sapphire crystal and engineered to achieve a depth rating of 200metres and upwards, and encased within is a self-winding mechanical movement made in Japan.

Gruppo Gamma Time Instruments watch collection

The Vanguard range comprises a number of variants to cater to different preferences; the Proto-classic variant stays simple with only hours and minutes, whereas the Classic offers greater practicality with seconds and date functions.  In 2015 the Diver variant was released.

Gruppo Gamma Time Instruments

The Gruppo Gamma timepieces are fitted with double-domed sapphire crystals featuring anti-reflective coating. Leather straps are made of top grain cowhide from reputable tanneries.  At the heart of Gruppo Gamma timepieces are automatic mechanical movements, mostly Miyota 9 Series from Japan’s Citizen Watch Company.

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