Bergstern is a young Swiss watch brand whose foundations are underpinned by exceptional, strong and noble inspirations.

It is in Switzerland that each and every Bergstern watch is produced, from the initial design, through technologically advanced production processes to rigorous quality control procedures. All Bergstern models boast the Swiss Made signature. The hallmark of Bergstern timepieces is quality, aspiring specification at an accessible price.

Bergstern watch cases are made from stainless steel or titanium. Depending on the model, the glass is mineral or sapphire. At the heart of every Bergstern watch is Swiss reliability and precision in the shape of a Ronda movement, with functions such as chronograph tailored to the character of the model. The right bracelet, rubber strap or natural leather strap is selected for each model.

Bergstern Watch Collections

Bergstern is stylish, its designs treading a path between classic and modern, and yet it is also practical, with an eye to the circumstances and tasks of everyday life and the exceptional, all with unique character. Its greatest asset is stylistic moderation and the universality that goes together with it. These characteristics, which echo the spirit of the brand, make it the ideal companion for any challenge.

Active – Sport Collection

The Bergstern brand’s Active collection offers masculine timepieces that brimming with power and character. Each element adds to the invincible mood – the proud profile, the strongly accentuated indices, the robust hands.

Bergstern Active Sports Watch

The impression of relentless dynamism is emphasised by the contrasting, brightly coloured features. The technical parameters characteristic for branded watches in the sports segment are more than equal to this watch’s resolute image. Price Range: € 239-389.

Harmony – Classic Collection

The immaculate watches in the Harmony line simply prove that a classic line based on fresh inspiration can still be of interest. The neat and superbly coherent whole comprises a traditional shape or modern, stark detail – this is what determines the nature of the collection.

Bergstern Harmony Watch

The clarity of form recalls the pure alpine skies. Thanks to its sense of order and appealing sterility, time spent with a Harmony watch is in itself a sensual pleasure. Both male and female versions are available. Price Range: € 189-299.

Brilliance – Jewellery Collection

A line dedicated to the woman – intelligent, knowing what she wants, self-aware. A watch in the Brilliance concept tastefully complements her image. It fulfills this role in a dazzling way – elegant, and yet with welcome self-restraint. Its strength lies in its lack of ostentation.

Bergstern Brilliance Watch

It suits every occasion. A Brilliance watch’s casing, with its discreetly ornamented dial, seamlessly merges with the bracelet. Selected designs feature the beautiful opalescence of mother-of-pearl. Price Range: € 209-309.

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