BAVARIAN CRONO is a German watch brand known for its wristwatches inspired by legendary automobiles from VW Golf, Mercedes, Jaguar, BMW, Bugatti, VW Beetle, Karmann Ghia and VW Bus.

When experienced watch maker Elisabeth met the technician Eckehard Franz, the decision to combine their talents and skills to produce a different line of watches was quickly made.

The long standing experience of Elisabeth as a skilled watch maker, her attention to details, the self set standards regarding her work and the pure joy over every finished watch along with the intuition of Eckehard Franz regarding design – clearly inspired by the long lasting race activities of his father and his flying grandfather – were the base for Bavarian Crono’s philosophy to produce innovative at the same time reliable watches suited for everyday use.


Bavarian Crono’s team stuck to its Bavarian roots and is located in the small hamlet of Hirschwald. The company’s products have found lovers all over the world. Producing these watches Bavarian Crono uses modern technologies, especially during the construction and the production of the component parts whereas traditional methods are used during assembly and refinement.

The consistent philosophy of Bavarian Crono is the development and production of exciting watches which provide an every day emotional experience at the highest level.

Using up to date high tech machinery, unique watches are being manufactures with expertise, a high grade of professionalism and the necessary amount of loving care to every detail. The high standard of the products is owed to the passion with which the technicians and designers of Bavarian Crono design construct, test and finish every single watch.

The Bavarian Crono design is emotion and thus the impetus for further technical and aesthetical innovations, motored by the intense relationship of the Bavarian Crono team to flying and the sports cars of the Fifties of Sixties – a special and thrilling era for both competition cars and motor sports.

Yardstick par excellence is the co-operation between Bavarian Crono and a Swiss designer who immediately recognized the potential the talents and the unique visions within the small company.

The combined sense for proportions, aesthetic forms and the flowing lines make the perfect basis for new and different lines of watches that guarantee Bavarian Crono’s outstanding position in the narrow but interesting market of watch collectors.

Bavarian Crono also follows the tradition of light weight constructions and uses aluminium, magnesium or even titanium for the watches. The hearts of Bavarian Crono watches are the state-of-the-art movements made in Switzerland. These movements are then refined by Bavarian Crono according to the guidelines of traditional craftsmanship.

Refining the watches to personal liking is another highlight of the individual manufacturing and the corporate design of Bavarian Crono may be found in the fancy packaging – unique and massive aluminium stainless steel cylinders resembling the original pistons of the classic cars.

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