MAURON⋅MUSY is a young Swiss watch brand established by Eric Mauron and Christophe Musy. The brand made its official debut at Baselworld in 2015 with its timepieces featuring innovative and patented water resistance system developed by its founders.

Back in June 2013, Eric Mauron and Christophe Musy were discussion their fascination with mechanical watches. On that particular day, a passionate debate led them to imagine their own contribution to mechanical watchmaking. The two protagonists, outsiders to the watch watchmaking world, soon set to work during their spare time.

Eric Mauron and Christophe Musy
Eric Mauron and Christophe Musy

Firmly convinced of the need to avoid conforming to established usage, they decided to add an exceptional innovative twist to their watch case, a kind of “watch exterior complication”. Water resistance being a recurrent theme among specialists, the two of them identified this as a field ripe for innovation.

For two full years, they threw themselves whole heartedly into bringing their project to life and producing the first prototypes of a watch whose water resistance no longer depends on gaskets. The water resistance system equipping Mauron Musy watches is patented by the brand founders and entirely unprecedented in the watch industry.


Whereas they could have opted for normality by inserting gaskets or the traditionally used adhesives, these entrepreneurs dedicated their energy to developing a timepiece using the noblest form of water resistance: the direct kind. This ingenious system, entirely developed in their workshops, ensures peerless precision and is backed by outstanding control over its production.

The construction of a Mauron Musy watch is extremely simple, at least in terms of its functionality and efficiency. By contrast, producing it calls for extremely high precision workmanship and rigorous discipline. The principle is based on fixing clamp technology.

The fixing clamp, or case middle in this instance, is composed of several segments linked by hinges serving to vertically clamp the case back, the Ring and the crystal. These tightly pressed elements are water resistant thanks to their extreme flatness. The crown also works on the principle of direct water resistance, by means of a stem pushed through a ring with such infinitely small clearance that water does not seep in.


Eric Mauron and Christophe Musy first met in the 1990s. One was the managing director of Régis Mauron SA, a company in which the other was still an intern. Despite their age difference, the two immediately felt a sense of kinship characterised by the same ideals and an identical approach to life.

Mechanics, watchmaking and music were an integral part of their daily life and soon became an integral part of their discussions. In 2012, Christophe Musy joined the Mauron family when he married Eric’s daughter, Coralie. Father in law and son in law were thus closer than ever, driven by the same passion and the same unrelenting determination to write their own watchmaking history.


It’s a well known fact that water resistance is a one of the main issues facing a watch. The role of the case is thus to protect the movement from the risk of any solids, liquids or even gases seeping in. This all important property is traditionally achieved by synthetic gaskets with a limited lifespan and thus plagued by the disadvantage of requiring regular replacement. The Mauron Musy concept offers a watch exempt from the constraints implied by these gaskets.


The new invention relates to the construction of the case. First and foremost, the latter comprises no clamping screws and therefore undergoes no deformation. The crystal and the caseback are held in place by springs placed around the rim and pressed tightly together when the case middle and bezel are closed.

The components are divided into several segments linked by hinges fitted during the assembly process, in just the same way as fixing clamps. So as to achieve maximum water resistance, the surfaces of the various components are hardened, worn down by lapping and then reworked to achieve the appropriate flatness and roughness profile.


The dynamic direct seal water resistance governed by the winding stem is distinguished by extreme precision and an appropriate choice of materials. Each stem is adjusted in its ring in such a way as to create a clearance so infinitely small that handling under water becomes possible without any risk of infiltration.

Equipped with SWISS MADE mechanical movements, the Mauron Musy collection satisfies purists as well as devotees of fine mechanisms. The watch exterior components are sourced from the Broye region and all embody the key values of SWISS MADE craftsmanship. Mauron Musy masters the entire range of processes: development, production, finishing and assembly are performed in the local workshop.

Eric Mauron and Christophe Musy guarantee a product 100 % manufactured in Switzerland. Loyal to its concept, Mauron Musy demonstrates its innovative spirit through a design in which pleasing aesthetics and technical sophistication are inseparably entwined. The elaborate architecture, the sleek, controlled curves of the exterior forge the essence of this avant garde object.

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Manufacture horlogère de la Vallée de la Broye,
Chemin du Carro 2,
1566 St-Aubin, Switzerland

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