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Based in Shenzhen, China, LYH Clock & Watch Workshop was founded by Mr. Lin YongHua.

Mr. Lin YongHua (LYH) was born in 1973 in Guangdong, China. With his inborn talent on mechanics, LYH joined the watch & clock industry at age of 18, in 1991. Starting from the most fundamental watch machining, LYH indulged himself in the world of watch for more than 25 years, and today, becoming capable of designing & making his own watch at will.

Vinyl record concept watch

LYH’s first touch of watch is from production line of a famous watch company – Shenzhen SWEDA Clock & Watch Co. As of his deep love and great talent in mechanics, LYH was soon rearranged to technical department, where he focused on processing technique and got himself thoroughly polished on watch making. Years later, LYH was promoted to marketing department, taking charge of sales affairs and the more-demanding after-sales maintenance work. Then in 2001, at his 10 years in watch world, LYH stepped further and started his own Baolai Clock & Watch Co. For the abundant experience of watch repair & maintenance, esp. the repair of antique clock & watch with re-production of worn-out parts, plus his sound research on world famous watches’ mechanism – timing & permanent calendar & minute repeater & tourbillion etc., LYH earned extensive acknowledgement and his reputation. Further within three years, LYH took the professional training courses and acquired National Clock & Watch Repair Certificate from beginner level to expert level.

Baselworld 2017 Special Edition

In October 2006, LYH Clock & Watch Workshop formally came into being. The expert level skill combining newly added precision machines, brought a second life to the clocks & watches with damaged & lost parts. Now, LYH is fully prepared for his independent watch maker dream. With frequent communication with watch lovers all over the world, LYH holds the desire to show them his independently-designed LYH-styled watches for appreciation.

LYH attended its first show at Baselworld in March 2017 where the brand showcased its Vinyl record concept watch, a mechanical timepiece inspired from the classic music era and a special Basel world 2017 edition (limited to 17 pieces) timepiece.

Contact details
LYH Clock & Watch Workshop
Address: Room 418, Building 505, Zhen-xing Road,Futian,
Shenzhen, China

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