Jaguar Watches

JAGUAR is a Swiss luxury watch brand owned by Festina group. Swiss watchmaker Peter Haas founded the JAGUAR watch brand in 1938. In doing so he set himself a mission: to imbue each of his collections with the same effortless strength and pedigree of the Jaguar, the powerful feline which incarnates the savage beauty of the savannah. JAGUAR watches is now celebrating 70 years of existence – and its spirit is as young and vigorous as ever. And like the jaguar of the savannah, the brand has survived through time and evolution by continuously adapting to its environment. With its eyes fixed firmly on the future, JAGUAR now pays homage to its founders in a celebration of the company’s heritage, its watchmaking expertise and its distinctive style.

A passion for precision and a meticulous eye for detail are encapsulated in every JAGUAR timepiece. Manufactured in its ultra-modern Swiss factory, JAGUAR watches are assembled with a quintessentially Swiss precision. Expertise handed down from one watchmaking generation to the next, unceasing research into technical excellence, creative finesse and innovative design have earned JAGUAR watches the high distinction of Swiss Made quality. JAGUAR caters to a demanding male clientele which is accustomed to unparalleled Swiss quality with a watch which marks time with unbeatable precision.

In 1989, the JAGUAR brand was bought by Festina, who strongly promoted the brand on the world markets. After the successful relaunch of JAGUAR, Festina then decided to revitalize and reposition the brand. And with the energy of the Festina Group behind it, JAGUAR is now a rejuvenated brand. Over the last 5 years JAGUAR has returned to the sources of inspiration of its founders while cultivating a younger look and extending its international reach.

Today, JAGUAR is a brand offering Swiss Made quality to a wide consumer segment. It offers excellent value for money and the guarantee of impeccable quality. JAGUAR watches are available in steel, laminate, gold-plated steel and 18-carat gold, and have Swiss-made automatic and quartz movements. The skill of the original JAGUAR craftsmen remains alive today, in timepieces with a natural, unpretentious elegance.

About Festina Group 
With over 30 years of history, the Festina Group is today a prestigious international company specialised in the production and marketing of popularly priced watches movements and precision parts. Currently, the Group manufactures five brands of watches for the general market (Calypso, Lotus, Festina, Jaguar and Candino) and two jewellery brands (Lotus Style and Lotus Silver). The Group’s head office is located in Barcelona while our major production centres are in Switzerland and Spain. Today, the Group has seven subsidiaries (France, Germany, Italy, Benelux, Switzerland, Czech Republic – Poland and Chile), is present in over 90 countries on the five continents and sells 5 million watches a year.


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