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Giberg Haute Horlogerie brand was founded by the Swiss artist Andreas Altmann. Based in Bienne, this high end Swiss luxury watch brand made its debut at Basel-world 2018 jewellery and watch exhibition.

Andreas Altmann is renowned for creating masterpiece sculptures under his Giberg Swiss Noble Forge label. Most famous among these sculptures is the mythical beast Ahton, which is inspired by the Nordic mythology. It is a unique sculpture entirely hand crafted by the artist and his Giberg Swiss Noble Forge team over a period of almost five years. Five kilograms of solid gold were required to produce the mystical beast, which is studded with 7739 diamonds weighing a total of 108 carats.

Ahton by Giberg Swiss Noble Forge

In 2018, five years after unveiling Ahton, master jeweller Andreas Altmann applied his creativity and expertise to watches suffused with Haute Horlogerie.

Like an extension of the Giberg Swiss Noble Forge, the new Giberg Haute Horlogerie brand is an elegant demonstration of its mastery of time, just as Ahton was proof of its artistic dexterity, and is a worthy guardian of unique expertise. Andreas Altmann’s exceptional and original watches were unveiled at the Baselworld show in 2018.

A trained goldsmith and gemsetter, Andreas Altmann endeavors to create individual pieces in highly limited editions, for which he has no limits when it comes to meeting a customer’s desires. The master jeweller uses the most precious materials available to create incredible sculptures, each influenced in one way or another by history.

Wisdom, power, the strength and courage of heroes, or the virtues are some of the subjects he chooses to give remarkable physical form. With its cutting-edge technical innovation and keen artistic vision, Giberg Swiss Noble Forge has become one of the world’s most accomplished specialists in handling and crafting the finest materials. This recognition is already a powerful affirmation of the haute horlogerie and joaillerie credentials of existing and future watches produced by the Giberg watchmaking brand.

Giberg Swiss Noble Forge has imbued its new Giberg Haute Horlogerie brand with its artistic expertise and brought a new vision of the art of reading the time. The company’s static art is thus brought to life by the calibre of Giberg Haute Horlogerie watches.

This hand-wound mechanical movement, entirely designed in-house by the brand, offers a 72-hour power reserve provided by two barrels that drive the flying tourbillon positioned at 6 o’clock.

Giberg Flying Tourbillon “Trilevis 6118” Hand-wound Mechanical Movement

Presented at Baselworld 2018, the Niura, Olora and Alagaro timepieces are powered with the Giberg Flying Tourbillon “Trilevis 6118” hand-wound mechanical movement.

Contact details
Andreas Altmann
Giberg Ltd.
Mattenstrasse 135, 2503 Bienne

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