Carl Kästner Safe Furniture – The Best Way to Secure Your Luxury Watches and Other Valuables

A burglar-proof, impenetrable security safe is a must have item in your house to safeguard your most favorite timepieces, jewellery, cash, other luxury accessories and important documents. And if your collection includes precious mechanical self-winding watches, a watch winder is desirable in order to keep them energized.

In the market, you can find only a few brands that specialized in the production of high security luxury safes with watch winders. Carl Kästner is a legendary name associated with the manufacturing of luxury furniture and security safes since 19th century. The brand is making a comeback this year.

In 19th century Germany, the innovator and engineer Carl Kästner created the first burglar-proof, high security safe disguised as a piece of luxury furniture. Established in 1846, Carl Kästner’s company employed the finest European engineers and craftspeople of his generation, and created sumptuous furniture incorporating hidden safes designed to protect the private treasures of wealthy business tycoons and the nobility, and constructing vast underground bank vaults for the national banks of Germany and Russia.

At Salone del Mobile 2018 exhibition, Carl Kästner brand has been re-launched with the introduction of the first ever collection of safe-furniture – an entirely new genre of furniture designed to safely conceal and house precious possessions.

Each Carl Kästner creation is lovingly designed, engineered and crafted to fit seamlessly into 21st century luxury living or work spaces. Aesthetically, these master piece furniture creations are beautiful, expertly crafted, features contemporary design, and available in a choice of woods and finishes. Each of these safes welcome us to a new world when it is opened, are its discreet and sophisticated inner construction, its steel walls, secret compartments, hidden locking systems and hinge technology.

Every Carl Kästner design comes with the option of integrating within it a fully fledged high security safe, with walls of concrete and steel, a 10-bolt locking system and German VdS 1 security certification. These safes can also incorporate watch winders.

All Carl Kästner safe-furniture are designed and produced in Germany under the direction of Carl Kästner’s owners who have extensive experience of interior design projects within palaces and yachts round the globe. Carl Kästner safe-furniture will be available in the world’s leading furniture and interior design boutiques and luxury department stores.

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