SPERINA Manual Winding Watch

I own a Vintage SPERINA Manual Winding Watch, which dates back to 1960/70s. This SPERINA Manual Winding Watch with date indication is equipped with a 1 jewel hand wound movement. Dates back to 60s/70s, this 1 Jewel movement belongs to the same category of economical mechanical calibers produced in Switzerland by many historical movement manufactures such as Roskopf and Sonceboz.

The timepiece is in good working condition and functioning properly. The vintage hand wound movement is delivering a decent power reserve of approximately 24 hours.

The movement can be wound using crown at 3’o clock. The hours and minutes can be set by pulling out the crown.

The case is light weight, made in pink gold coloured aluminum and the case back is also made in aluminum. The case measures approximately 39 mm in diameter.

The case-back carries a reference number 858.2, and the movement can be
easily taken out by removing the back cover of the timepiece.

The 1 jewel Movement of this SPERINA Manual Winding Watch is in very good condition despite its age. This vintage movement carries inscriptions such as SPERINA WATCH Co. and ONE 1 JEWEL UNADJUSTED.

The black dial is in original condition and no major damages are visible. The dial features big hour markers and the digits 12,6 and 9 are inscribed in Arabic numerals. A date window is positioned at 3’o clock.

Timekeeping functions are looked after by a luminescent arrow head hour hand, minute and central second hands. The dial carries brand name SPERINA below 12’o clock, waterproof/shockproof inscriptions above 6’o clock and Swiss Made label below 6’o clock. However, due to age factor, this timepiece does not offer waterproof and shockproof properties.

Despite its stunning looks, this SPERINA Manual Winding Watch may not be suitable for daily wear as it needs more attention and care .

Established since 1930s, H. Gribi & Sohn/ Hans Gribi & Fils, the Swiss watch company based in Lengnau and Bern, owned the SPERINA brand name. H. Gribi & Fils also owned other brand names such as Herlin, Eveline, Lantex etc. The SPERINA WATCH Co. was active until late 1970s before it was dissolved.

The brand was specialized in the production of economical mechanical watches, including mechanical digital display watches, divers and usual hand wound timepieces. SPERINA also produced automatic and quartz powered timepieces.

Today, SPERINA watches are no more produced, and the current ownership detail of this brand and the Company is unknown.

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