Based in Seoul, MOI WATCH is an exclusive luxury watch atelier that produces exceptional haute horlogerie creations.

Established since 2005, this one and only South Korean luxury watch atelier has been engaged in the manufacturing restoring and repairing of high-end watches and mechanical clocks. This atelier was founded by HAN MOI KIM, a highly experienced and talented watch maker who loves traditional watch making complications crafted by world’s most famous master watch makers.

MOI WATCH CEO & Korean Watchmaker, HAN MOI KIM wears watches on both wrists. HAN MOI KIM is a leading expert in the manufacturing Clocks and Watches, Watch restoration and Watch Repair Works.

On the basis of these experiences, he designed and completed his first watch in 2009 and with the knowledge and his skills he finally released his MOI TOURBILLON II (2) in 2014, his ambitious work.


The masterpiece horology products from his watch atelier are currently sold in China, Vietnam and Middle East Asia. The MOI TOURBILLON II (2) was a hit among the affluent consumers and the first batch of this collection has already been sold out.


Inspired from the works of independent Swiss master watchmakers, HAN MOI KIM creates luxurious wristwatches with Korean sensibility.

Project, Design, Production, Manufacturing and Quality Check are all done by MOI WATCH CEO, HAN MOI KIM, himself. Particularly, like Swiss Made brands, Polishing, Ebauche and Overhaul are processed, so the watch can be in perfect quality and condition, when it is delivered to the customers.

HAN MOI KIM, the CEO of MOI Watch, also runs Watchmaking Classes, Watch Tools exhibitions, etc. He is striving for the best to achieve Korean Watch Industry’s growth and awareness.

The most remarkable point of Korean Watchmaker, HAN MOI KIM, is that watch tools he made are used worldwide, even by Swiss and German Watchmakers.

The retail price of MOI TOURBILLON II is 5,000,000 KRW (approximately US $ 4,400/ 3988 Euros.)

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MOI Na Jeon Chil Gee Watch

Contact details

MOI Watch
MOI building 3F, 13, Yangjae-daero 145-gil,
Gangdong-gu, Seoul, Korea (05257)

MOI WATCH Official website:

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