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Established in 1979 by prominent watchmaker Oscar Waldan, Swiss watch brand Waldan International produces timepieces of the highest quality to discerning collectors around the world. Today, his son Andrew L Waldan runs the watch making company that has remained a private, family owned business throughout its history.

A passionate horology enthusiastic since his young age, Oscar Waldan studied horology in Germany. Crafting the most elegant mechanical timepieces became a vision he longed to make a reality. His years of experience beforehand in the watch industry helped cultivate that dream into a reality and allowed him to develop his mindset regarding the mastery and reign of mechanical watches.

His first job in the watch industry was at Charles Tissot in Le Locle, Switzerland where he was submitting his own designs. He continued on an uphill climb with a new position as a Sales Executive and Vice President of Merchandising and Styling at Universal Geneve, where he worked alongside master designer, Gerald Genta. With access to the famous Rolex/Wilsdorf collection, he cultivated an even greater interest in antique watches and complicated mechanisms and further developed his talent for designing intricate mechanical timepieces. With his profound knowledge, he set out to establish his own brand and company. Finally, in 1979, Oscar Waldan founded Waldan International, with a watch factory in Bienne, Switzerland and a corporate office and repair center in New York City.

During this time, very few chronograph watches were being produced in Switzerland. Universal Geneve even liquidated all of their gold chronographs. Oscar Waldan grabbed this opportunity to revive this legendary movement. He subsequently managed to purchase 100 retro Valjoux 88 movements and produce 100 watches for Tiffany & Co and Tourneau. With this newfound success, he soon went on to produce another 100 watches with the famous El Primero 3019PHF chronograph movement under the Ulysse Nardin name.

These watches were a phenomenal success as well. At the time, Ulysse Nardin was not a fully registered name. Oscar Waldan had a contractual arrangement with Mr. Schmidt, from Ogival, who also owned the name Ulysse Nardin, to buy this name for a one year period with an option to buy the company afterwards. Upon learning of the success of these mechanical watches, they associated the success to their brand name and refused to sell the company to Oscar Waldan. However, the success of these watches was in fact due to the classic design of the watch and the quality of the cases and dials.

Soon after, Oscar Waldan learned that Zenith Movado had thousands of Zenith 2522PC automatic chronograph movements, which they were unable to market. He decided to purchase all of their moonphase chronograph movements and launched a campaign to promote chronographs in Switzerland and the United States.

This promotion successfully aroused curiosity and interest from the audience. As a result Mr. Pierre Blum, the former owner of Ebel, purchased all of Zeniths chronograph movements without moonphase. In 1982, Oscar Waldan met Mr. Kubel Wilsdorf, a member of the family of the owners of Rolex. Upon enthusiastically showing him his watch, Mr. Wilsdorf expressed a great deal of interest in it, which in turn led to Rolex undertaking the project of marketing chronographs and purchasing perpetual movements from Zenith. Ultimately, chronograph watches made a notable return into the watch market.

Along with his perseverance towards the reign of chronograph watches, Waldan International produced fine gold quartz watches for men and ladies. In the 1980’s, Waldan International supplied Tiffany & Co with 80% of their Tiffany label gold quartz watches. At this time the company also supplied 30% of Cartier’s gold quartz watches and continued to produce quartz watches for a few jewellers in Brazil, England and the United States. Waldan watches have sold through Tiffany & Co, Cartier, Tourneau and Neiman Marcus as well as Ekegren Geneve, Waldan watch line sold and marketed in Europe.

Now Andrew Lloyd Waldan, the son of Oscar Waldan, continues the legacy of the brand.


ASTRONIC CHRONOGRAPH: Available in a two piece solid 18K gold or white gold case, this chronograph is equipped with a certified retro 1969 El Primero 3019 PHF movement. It features a three counter chronograph in a tri compax layout, triple date and moon-phase. This automatic movement beats at the rate of 36,000 BPH. This model had a limited production of approximately 2,000 pieces in 1980. Roughly 75 pieces remain, and the brand will no longer produce this watch. [More details]

CHRONOGRAPH CHRONOMETER: This Elegant chronometer is equipped with a tried and tested rugged 25 jewel certified movement. Available in a two piece solid 18K gold or white gold case, this timepiece offers Triple date, moon-phase and GMT indications. This 28,800 BPH automatic movement is equipped with uni-directional automatic ball bearing rotor. The Chronograph Chronometer is available in 36mm, 38mm and 39mm versions as well as in different dial variations. [More details]

WORLD TIME CHRONOMETER: Available in a two piece solid 18K gold case this is an easy to use traveller’s watch. Equipped with a Twenty-one jewel, 28,800 BPH automatic chronometer certified movement, this timepieces displays the local time and 24 time zones around the world. [More details]

ASTRONIC CHRONOMETER: Equipped with a 21 jewels, 28,800 BPH automatic certified chronometer movement, this timepiece displays Triple date and moon-phase. The Astronic Chronometer is available in a two piece solid 18K gold or white gold case. [More details]

POWER RESERVE CHRONOMETER: A precise and reliable power reserve certified chronometer, this timepiece houses a thirty jewel (28,800 BPH automatic) movement adjusted to five positions. It displays Day, date, 24 hour dual time zone, and power reserve. The POWER RESERVE CHRONOMETER is available in a two piece solid 18K gold case in 38mm, 39mm or 40mm versions. [More details]

RETRO ALARM: This chronograph timepiece is equipped with a 1970-1974 Vintage Retro Alarm caliber AS 1931 movement. This 21,600 BPH manual wind movement has 17 jewels. Approximately 330,000 units of this movement were produced between 1970 and 1974. Waldan International has recently been able to secure only 150 pieces of this movement in new old stock condition (NOS). The white porcelain enamel dial features a date aperture at 3’o clock. The RETRO ALARM is available in a two piece solid 18K gold case measuring 38mm diameter and is also available without date function. [More details]

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