GIULIANO MAZZUOLI is a ‘Swiss Made’ luxury watch brand based in Firenze, Italy. It was founded by Giuliano Mazzuoli, the world renowned designer and Florentine entrepreneur.

The creativity of Giuliano Mazzuoli is rooted in the bond he feels with his origins and with the traditional family values that when combined with his passion for design, become the source of inspiration for exclusive creations that have a stylish and qualitative value recognized by people all over the world.

His fascination with the sketches of watch movements left by his ancestor that have withstood the test of time by remaining inscribed in the walls of an attic, his curiosity for the workshop tools of his grandfather that he jealously kept in a box like they were something precious, and the versatility of the paper from his father’s print shop that in Giuliano Mazzuoli’s mind took on a different meaning as the years went on contributed to the innovative product that he has created.

As a child he observed with astonishment genuine and simple moments from every day life that later he elaborated in his mind until they became creative inspirations. When he combines this inspiration with his experience and research, he transforms common objects from yesterday into contemporary jewels of art. Giuliano tends to often say that the writing instruments, agenda books, notebooks and watches created by Giuliano Mazzuoli are something encountered and not developed through study and research.

His “encounter” with a box of workshop tools brought back memories from the old family workshop that served as the inspiration for the first collection of writing instruments called Officina (Officina in Italian means workshop).

The Moka pen takes its inspiration from the silhouette of the historic Italian coffee-machine that has become a symbol of Italian design and an object found in almost every home. The agenda books express the logical creativity of their creator by proposing graphical and solutions and unique functions. MoMA in New York customizes the cover and orders thousands of them every year.

His passion for design extended itself to the world of watch making in an effort to recapture the legacy passed down to him from an ancestor who was a master watchmaker who constructed tower clocks in the Chianti area of Tuscany. Yet again the creation of his first timepiece came from the observation of an every day object that measures pressure.

The Manometro (which means pressure gauge in Italian) watch was born from this inspiration and in a short time becomes a sought after watch by many collectors. The Contagiri watch is a combination of technology and style. It interprets the spirit of sports and the sophistication of competitive automobiles and honors the passion the designer has for auto racing.

Every collection created by Giuliano Mazzuoli is a testament of his creative genius. His interpretation of an object captures the innovative spirit of the traditions that are part of the land where he is from. Simplicity, harmony, essential and qualitative excellence become the common element of all his creations and express a real creative philosophy that does not compromise the expectations of the market. The entire production is handmade in Tuscany.

History of Giuliano Mazzuoli watches

In the early seventies Giuliano Mazzuoli began to manage the company founded by his father in 1953. The company’s core business was the production of notebooks and address books for Florentine leather workers. Under his direction, the company became a leader in the production of catalogs specializing itself in the interior design field.

In 1993, Giuliano Mazzuoli began to develop a new idea. The idea was simple but innovative. It was an agenda book different than any other agenda book available on the market. It had a weekly format with a “turn-page” system that allowed for the keeping of notes and ideas. With the success of this idea, the company started expanding its collection of products and took on the name 3.6.5.

An early innovation was a notebook with a stiff cardboard cover that with some technical adjustments became flexible (Stif-flexible) so it was easy to flip the pages. Subsequently, spiral notebooks that appeared common but had irregular lines or lines in wave patterns that successfully challenged established conventional parameters of printing were introduced.

Thanks to the increase in demand for his products, the first orders from prestigious clients like the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) of New York start coming in and special edition agenda books were created.

During the period that Mazzuoli was involved in developing an idea of a limited edition agenda book for the new millennium, a friend suggested him to create a pen. After finding the right inspiration he created his first writing instrument.

In 2000, Mazzuoli found some tools in a mechanical workshop that remind him of the instruments that he used to play with as a child in his grandfather’s laboratory (Cicli Bacci) where bicycles were built. The Officina, Writing Utensils were created in a series of pens that are inspired by mechanical tools.

After creating his first pen collection, the desire to transform everyday objects into objects of design grew in Mazzuoli. He created the Moka pen inspired by the famous coffee-machine and then Manipolo that has an ergonometric grip.

For years he dreamed of designing a timepiece different than any other timepiece already on the market.

In 2005, he founded the Giuliano Mazzuoli srl company for the development of fine timepieces that distinguish themselves for their design, technology and the materials used.

Manometro was the most ambitious project ever undertaken by the Florentine entrepreneur and the collection is named after the instrument that measures pressure. In the spring of 2008, he introduced Contagiri. The watch has a unique and sophisticated Swiss movement and complication and it celebrates the world of auto racing.

Giuliano Mazzuoli’s watches are sold in the finest watch shops in the world. Pisa Orologeria in Milan, Hausmann in Rome, Cellini in New York, Chronopassion in Paris, and The Watch Gallery in London are some of the places where the watches can be found.

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