Swiss watch brand Aviator pays tribute to the history of aviation, embodying watches within this amazing story. Each family of watches represents a different era in the development of aviation.

Aviator is a Swiss watch brand whose origins began in Russia in 2000 before moving to permanent home in Switzerland in 2010 to incorporate new technology and timepiece innovations. Aviator combines the art of timepieces with a passion for aviation.  The brand takes its heritage from proud aviation tradition and pays tribute to this spirit with each family of the brand’s watches representing a different era in the development of the aviation industry.

Incorporating over five generations of aircraft technology, Aviator reflects the pilot lifestyle with the history of aviation, starting from ‘pioneer era’ to today’s ‘age of high-tech’:

The Vintage family is dedicated to the “Pioneer Era” and “Golden Age” of aviation. It includes the evolution from pocket watch style wristwatches to classical pilot watches of the Second World War

Inspired by the history of MIG aircrafts, Aviator created a family of watches named after these legendary fighter planes with the High-tech familyrange of watches built to meet the most rigorous requirements of contemporary aviators.

Aviator’s stylish and high-tech models are developed and manufactured in Switzerland and employ aviation industry professionals in the development process to garner insight around functionality, design and reliability.  Every Aviator watch thus combines the professional skills and experience of Swiss watchmakers with a passion for aviation and the artistic style of classic timepieces.

Available through a variety of retail partners across Europe, America and Asia, Aviator has been the official timekeeper of the Russian aerobatic team, the “Swifts”, since 2006.

The company is led by Vice-President and Co-Founder Edgar Volodko who is now spearheading Aviator’s expansion in the UK and Europe in line with the brand’s philosophy of reliable watches that meet the rigorous standards of time instruments, whilst combining original aviation designs.

About Edgar Volodko
Edgar Volodko is from Vilnius, Lithuania and is Vice-President and Co-Founder of Aviator. Edgar is responsible for the marketing, sales and finance functions as well as strategic and operational planning and is spearheading Aviator’s expansion in the UK and Europe.

Edgar Volodko holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU) as well as a Masters degree in Finance and Economics from London School of Economics.  Whilst studying in Moscow, he also worked part-time as a financial advisor to a number of private companies in Russia including Volmax LTD.  Edgar lives in Porrentruy, Switzerland with his wife and young child, just a ten minute walk from Aviator Watches manufacturing headquarters in the heart of the watchmaking industry of Jura Canton.

Edgar grew up in a family of entrepreneurs as his father has been involved in the distribution of watches in Eastern Europe for many years and thus he has been exposed to the industry from a young age.   It was in 2000 that Edgar’s father, Valentin Volodko, began to feel that watchmaking was lacking innovation and started producing his own watches.  Edgar’s father was fascinated by the early pioneers of aviation and five generations of aeronautics history and used this as the basis of his inspiration for the Aviator watch brand.

It was in 2011, after graduating from university in Moscow, that Edgar moved to Switzerland and took a lead role in the company.  He also completed his Masters degree in Finance and Economics from London School of Economics during this time. Six years later, Edgar now wants to focus the expansion of the Aviator Watch brand in the UK market.  This involves collaborating with the British engineers who rebuilt the infamous Bristol Scout aircraft, including live air shows and participating at aviation events.

Official website: http://aviatorwatch.ch/

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