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Leinfelder Uhrenmanufaktur is a traditional mechanical watch making atelier located in Munich, Germany. At Leinfelder Uhrenmanufaktur, everything revolves around time and around traditional craftsmanship, and this has for many years produced exclusive timepieces wrought from precious materials.

With their clear form and an all-pervading perfectionism in even the smallest detail, they are the product of a unique passion. Leinfelder watches have a characteristic design – each model bears stylistic elements borrowed from architecture.

The upwardly curved watch cases make these timepieces distinctive, as do their timeless elegance and the sensation of a pleasant, palpable energy on the wrist. Watches made to client’s specifications are, quite literally, unique.

An old caliber may be brought back to life by Leinfelder Uhrenmanufaktur, or watch cases and dials designed according to personal taste. Such unique, one of- a-kind timepieces are created with just one wearer in mind.

Leinfelder UhrenmanufakturThe atelier of Leinfelder Uhrenmanufaktur exudes Mediterranean flair and refined elegance. Here, directly at the old city walls in Munich, traditional craftsmanship is alive – diligently and with utmost precision, the team is turning the finest materials into elegant timepieces. The true fascination of a Leinfelder watch unveils itself upon a touch. The finished timepieces wrap comfortably around the wrist – they are distinctive and made for a small circle of individualists.

As early as 1963, the foundation for the watchmaking atelier was laid. Erwin Leinfelder opened the first gallery for jewelry in Munich’s Prannerstraße. Since 1997, Stephanie Wolf (née Leinfelder), Titus Wolf and Martin Mandl continue in the tradition for passion and devotion to exceptional creations.

Together with Professor Dr. Ulrich L. Rohde, main owner of the watch manufacturer (Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG), the idea of an independent watch brand was turned into reality. The passion for special timepieces runs in the family; his father and co-founder of Rohde & Schwarz, presented the first portable quartz watch to the public back in 1938. In 2010, Leinfelder Uhrenmanufaktur was founded.

Leinfelder Uhrenmanufaktur watch

The atelier produces bespoke watches for connoisseurs under the Leinfelder Unique label. The brand also produces timepieces in limited edition series.

The first model: Leinfelder No. I was introduced in 1998. Today, the collection comprises six models for men and women in various designs. What all watches have in common is their clear design. Stylistic elements borrowed from architecture, like capitals and scrolls, are captured in the finest detail. The feel of the watch is also important in all timepieces.

Planning, designing, creating, assembling – it all happens in the traditional atelier located in the heart of Munich. Therefore, all gold watches display a special characteristic on their back: Next to the Leinfelder logo a Münchner Kindl is engraved, Munich’s unofficial heraldic figure.

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Official website: http://www.leinfelder-uhren.de/

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