Armin Strom Announces New Authorized Distribution Partner Swiss Prestige in Hong Kong and Macau

The Swiss independent watch manufacture ARMIN STROM has announced a new distributor partnership with Swiss Prestige. Swiss Prestige will bring attentive, personalized services and shopping experiences to Asian luxury consumers with a strong human touch.

“Our focus is on exceptional, luxurious products. With its distinctive designs featuring their in-house movements, all made in small quantities, ARMIN STROM is a terrific addition to our curated selection of watch brands,” said Jacqueline Ng CEO of Swiss Prestige.

This new partnership, an extension of the ARMIN STROM’s existing business network, is undoubtedly a tremendous achievement for the brand and recognition of the company’s creativity, brand value and unstinting effort. “We are talking about developing unique and ground-breaking services and products, all of which will make an incredible user experience” explained Serge Michel, owner of the brand.

ARMIN STROM watches are designed to reveal the inner mechanics of the movement on the front of the dial. “The magnificence of a timepiece is that it’s a tiny, perfectly built mechanical engine that keeps precise time,” explained Claude Greisler CEO of the brand. “The movement is the heart of the watch and being able to see it operate creates a dynamic piece of art. It reflects a centuries-old craft and is a true investment.”

With 20 employees in its Bienne headquarters, ARMIN STROM designs and creates all its own movements and cases. Every watch is hand finished by the company’s highly skilled watchmakers and with the innovative watch configurator the timepiece can be easily configured and personalized.

In watchmaking, skeletonizing is a term used to describe the removal of any extraneous metal from the workings of a timepiece. Founded by master skeletonizer Armin Strom in 1967, the Michel family purchased the company in 2006 and invested in facilities and equipment so the company could begin producing all its own movements for its timepieces.

Swiss prestige is firmly established as a leading distributor of fine Swiss watches throughout Asia. Through its head office and subsidiaries, Swiss Prestige represents well-known Swiss watch brands in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and Australia. Jacqueline Ng for Swiss Prestige and Serge Michel from ARMIN STROM are extremely satisfied and are looking forward to a successful and cooperative partnership.

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