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Memorigin KuTour Typhoon and Tweed Tourbillons by Ms. Priscilla Ku

Hong Kong actress – Ms. Priscilla Ku, who is also a GIA jewelry appraiser and designer, has been enthusiastic on the jewelry design for many years. She aims to merge her fashion sense with the traditional jewelry design. The fashionable appearance and magnificent function are penetrated successfully in her designs. Furthermore, she has designed an extraordinary phase on her artworks that accessory can be divided and assembled to feature with different apparels which enhances the utility and freshness of the jewelry.

In 2014, Ms. Priscilla Ku worked with a Hong Kong tourbillon brand – Memorigin for creating her own brand – KuTour. Two separate tourbillon series, Typhoon and Tweed, were launched under the timeless effort of Memorigin and Ms. Priscilla Ku.

Typhoon is a tourbillon watch based on the satellite image of a typhoon passing through China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. On the dial, the curve lines represent the isobars of the satellite image. With diamonds in different colours encircled, they form the continental and ocean alike. In the middle, it is the location of Hong Kong. The typhoon is transformed into rotating tourbillon. Besides, the harmony among China, Hong Kong and Taiwan is the extraordinary blessing from the watch design. By using different diamonds with different colours, the details and shining gems enriched everyone’s eyesight.

For Tweed, the design inspiration comes from the checked woollen cloth pattern with a simple colour tone. In order to form the interweave effect of the woollen cloth perfectly, different kind of gems were assembled like the black gems, sapphire, diamonds and grey diamonds. Thus, the jewelry workers spent unlimited working hours on the cutting process to imitate the sophisticated pattern of the woollen cloth.

Apart from the special design on the appearance, a deep inspiration about life is implied. She aims to express the true meaning of harmony. Just like the pattern of the fabric, the circular outlook with rectangular inner design implies the concept of Chinese proverbs “following the rule and act wisely”.

Typhoon tourbillon watch

Tweed tourbillon watch


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