Ateliers deMonaco Admiral Chronographe Flyback Prato

Swiss watch brand Ateliers deMonaco presents its second edition collection created in partnership with supercar manufacturing firm Prato Automobiles.

The collaboration between Prato Automobiles and Ateliers deMonaco began six months ago with the launch of the Orage motorcar and the Tourbillon Oculus 1297 Orage watch.  The watch includes a microchip inside its strap that allows opening and starting the engine of the vehicle. Thus, the Tourbillon Oculus 1297 Orage timepieces are reserved only for the elite owners of the Orage automobiles.

Introduced this year, the Admiral Chronographe Flyback Prato features a unique design inspired by modern sports cars is head-turning and perfectly embodies the identity of the Orage motorcar.

Ateliers deMonaco Admiral Chronographe Flyback Prato watch

The dMc-760 manufacture caliber comprises 226 components split between two main parts. The first is the base movement, intended for the hours, minutes and seconds functions. The second is the module that features the flyback chronograph mechanism, which is composed of 96 components.

In order to always gain in efficiency, Ateliers deMonaco has developed a patented system called “direct return to zero”. This instantaneous flyback system is in fact the simplification of a succession of events.  Instead of working successively, this system functions directly which means, pressing the pusher just once, starts the timer again from zero.

In this case, the pusher at 4 o’clock and its associated mechanism causes three tasks to be performed very quickly one after the other: first, the clutch is disengaged; secondly, the chronograph is reset to zero by means of the single-piece hammer, whose sloping surfaces turn the two zero reset hearts so that the hands reposition themselves vertically; and thirdly, the clutch engages once more as soon as the pusher is released. The sequence of movements involved in this action proceeds directly from the pusher to the clutch lever.

Ateliers deMonaco Admiral Chronographe Flyback Prato

The Admiral Chronographe FlybackPrato collection consists of two models inspired by the Orage motorcar. The first, more classic, features a polished steel case, dauphine hands and two silver-colored counters contrasting a black carbon dial mixed with 18-carat white gold.

The second, more sporty, has a black DLC steel case, dauphine hands and two rose gold color counters complementing a black carbon dial mixed with 18-carat rose gold. For both versions, Roman numerals are polished, curved, applied and treated with black PVD. The dials are adorned with the logos of “deMonaco” and “Prato”.

The 42mm case is treated with a process called Armure that allows steel to be about five times more scratch resistant than ordinary steel. Indeed, it is treated with a chemical process of diffusion of carbon at low temperature which hardens the surface of the steel.  This case is both exceptionally ergonomic and comfortable to wear.

The dials of the two Admiral Chronographe Flyback Prato models are inspired by a technique used in the automotive industry called forged carbon. Ateliers deMonaco developed a new method that includes 18-carat gold in the process.

This is the first time ever in watchmaking history that such a dial is created. To achieve this result, carbon fiber, gold and resin must be mixed and placed in a mold. Then, this mixture is heated and pressed to fix everything and form a block. Thanks to this technique, each dial is unique. After the molding process, each dial is meticulously refined to achieve the perfect shape.

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