Andersen Genève & Konstantin Chaykin “Automaton Joker”

Unveiled at Baselworld 2018, this special timepiece was born from the first collaboration between Andersen Genève & Konstantin Chaykin. It combines exclusive features of two highly sought after wrist watches produced in modern times: Montre à Tact “Poker” from ANDERSEN Genève and Konstantin CHAYKIN’s Joker.

Presented at Baselworld 2017, the Konstantin CHAYKIN Joker watch was an instant hit thanks to its playful nature and exclusive way of telling time.

The ANDERSEN Genève Montre à Tact Poker watch was inspired by “A Bold Bluff”, a painting by Cassius Marcellus Coolidge. Its miniature painting scene on the dial shows a scene of “Dogs playing Poker”. Between 1903 and 1910, this American artist of the Belle Epoque created 16 oil-paintings of dogs in human poses. Nine of them were depicting “Dogs playing Poker”.

ANDERSEN Genève, being very famous for EROS Automaton’s, created the first timepiece with a poker game scene on the back dial: the Automaton JOKER where Konstantin CHAYKIN had brought his extensive know how on the front dial.

To underline this collaboration, Konstantin CHAYKIN’s logo has been placed on top of the eyes while ANDERSEN Genève’s logo can be seen on the nose of the Joker.

On the back of the timepiece, every element of the scene has been cut and painted by hand. By the push of a button on the case at 8 o’clock, the Joker’s eyes, the dog, the man and the lady are being in motion.

The case of this timepiece has been made to measure to be able to incorporate such a complex dial and an Automaton on the back. Very delicate moving hinges guarantee an utmost comfort on the wrist.

Technical details

Model: Andersen Genève & Konstantin Chaykin “Automaton Joker”

High quality historic mechanical movement upgraded by Andersen Genève
Unique time and moon phase indications developed and assembled by Konstantin CHAYKIN: an author’s module with a dual disk time indication, where the indicators on the dial are depicted as the Joker’s eyes. The left eye has hour indicators around the edge and a black dot instead of a hand. The right eye has minute indicators around the edge and a black dot instead of a hand. A moon phase indicator shows the phase of the Moon at any given moment: waxing, full or waning. The appropriate phase of the Moon is depicted in the opening designed to be the Joker’s mouth.
Double wheel train developed and improved for the famous EROS Automaton for years
“Automaton Joker” construction completely newly developed and assembled by ANDERSEN Genève on the back of the timepiece
– By turning the crown “clockwise” the Automaton is wound. When releasing the energy by pushing the button at 8 o’clock, the elements of the scene will be moving for two minutes
– By turning the crown “counter clockwise”, the mechanical movement is wound and can work for up to 36 hours
On the lively scene, the winning Joker is moving his eyes next to ANDERSEN Genève’s famous Dog playing Poker. At the same time one can see the 4th card disclosed by the man losing the game while a charming lady is stealing chips.

18ct Red Gold (5N) case with very special moving hinges (“gonds” in French) to insert the elegant baby croco strap. Two sapphire glasses
Diameter: 42.0 mm/ Height: 16.8 mm / Width of the moving hinges: 22 mm
Weight: 97g
One crown to set the time and the moon phase / One pusher to have the automaton in motion

Multi-parts dial with “ANDERSEN Genève” & “Konstantin CHAYIN” hand-engraved
Genius time-indication mechanism from Kontantin CHAYKIN Joker timepiece
– Hours are displayed by the left eye
– Minutes are displayed by the right eye
– Moon Phase displayed in the mouth

White hand-stitched baby alligator leather with 18ct red gold clasp


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