ArtyA Son of a Gun Russian Roulette Extreme

The latest arrival in the ArtyA Son of a Gun family, the Russian Roulette Extreme, contains five single real lucky bullets, set by hand, that rapidly spin around the dial with every move. The watch comes dressed in a classic 44 mm ArtyA case with lateral ArtyOr inserts.

The multi-layered dial looks like the barrel of a revolver and the dangerous game of Russian Roulette. The high end Swiss made manually wound movement is partly revealed when peeking through the double layer barrel-holes. A third barrel is revealed at the back of the watch completing the pistol picture. The movement has been completely redesigned and skeletonized by Yvan Arpa.

The lateral inserts on the steel case, are manufactured with a patented new alloy called ArtyOr; a mix of gold, zinc and copper taken from used bullet cartridges. The Russian roulette collection is declined in many different versions from unique pieces to limited editions.

Technical details
Movement: ArtyA 357. Reworked and skeletonized Unitas movement
46 hours power reserve
Functions: Hours, minutes
Case: 42 mm diameter. Waterproof at 5 ATM
Dial: Russian roulette, with a manufactured barrel containing 5 lucky shots set by hand
High-end crocodile strap
Price from 9’900 CHF


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