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Moritz Grossmann Launches Crowd Funding Campaign for Their Editorial Project “Carl Moritz Grossmann – The Biography’’

German watch manufacture MORITZ GROSSMANN GLASHÜTTE I/SA has launched an online crowd funding campaign on Kickstarter for a prestigious project to fund the publication of biography of its inspirational founder. The first biography of the man who gave his name to the manufacture is scheduled to be published in the autumn of 2018.

Established in 2008, MORITZ GROSSMANN GLASHÜTTE I/SA watch company pays tribute to a great name, to one of the most fascinating figures in the history of German horology. Carl Moritz Grossmann is considered to be a visionary among the most eminent watchmakers, and a major contributor to the genesis of the watchmaking industry in Glashütte. Known for his ingenuity and multiple talents, he established his own mechanical workshop in 1854. It soon evolves to become a highly respected watchmaking manufacture.

When Carl Moritz Grossmann suddenly passed away, his company was liquidated in 1885. His noteworthy essays and publications remain widely recognised to this very day. The pendulum clocks, pocket watches, and chronometers he crafted are coveted collector’s items at auctions. But it wasn’t until 2008, after over 100 years, that his legacy was revived by watchmaker Christine Hutter. Within a span of only ten years, a manufacture emerged with a collection of mechanical wristwatches that bear the name Moritz Grossmann again.

Unquestionably, Moritz Grossmann, the individual, deserves to be rediscovered. The publication of his biography will be a milestone not least because of the successful start of the young manufacture. A team of authors – Roland Enke, Dr Sibylle Gluch, Christian Pfeiffer-Belli, and Andreas Gelbrich – highlights the life and work of Carl Moritz Grossmann based on scientific research, portraying him in the political, social, and economic context of his era. A separate section is dedicated to the synopsis of his professional work. Future generations can also benefit from this eloquently written characterisation of an extraordinary scientist and entrepreneur.

To finance this ambitious project, the company is now launching the crowd funding drive for “Carl Moritz Grossmann – The Biography”. More and more watch enthusiasts and collectors will be acquainted with the Moritz Grossmann brand, welcoming the opportunity to learn more about the roots and the philosophy of pure watchmaking artistry since 1854. They are all invited to support the project and make it possible for the biography to be published in the fall of 2018.

With immediate effect, interesting packages are available at subscription prices ranging from 15 to 3500 Euros. The packages include bookmarks, printed and digital versions of the biography in various editions, and a 3-day event in Dresden/Glashütte.

Please visit the Kickstarter Campaign page for more details


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