VELDT to Showcase Its Newest Connected Luxury Watch Models at Baselworld 2018

VELDT, the Tokyo based connected watch brand will be at Baselworld 2018, showcasing their newest VELDT LUXTURE connected watches which notifies information with light, colors and vibration. They will also be exhibiting the VELDT SERENDIPITY CT/RT models which comes electronic-payment-ready by inserting a thin NFC card to its watch band.

VELDT LUXTURE – Connected Luxury watch
VELDT LUXTURE is a hybrid watch combining the look of a luxurious analog watch with today’s connected technology. The watch face comes with VIVID LOOP, the patented LED notification display which lights up with indirect illumination. The face is also designed with a classical bomb dial shape for better visibility.

The LED lights notify only the important messages and appointments as well as hour-to-hour weather information, all in synch with your smartphone. The VELDT LUXTURE’s casing becomes thinner towards the outer rim with a beak at 12 and 6 o’clock positions, known as the VELDT BEAK, giving the watch a flowing silhouette. The back side comes with color glass. The overall unisex design should appeal to a wide range of users.

At Baselworld 2018, the new White, Green and Dark Brown models will be on display. Entry model will start from JPY 70,000, while the high-end model will start from JPY200,000.

Technical details
Material: Stainless steel, sapphire glass
Interface: LED x 24, vibrator
Size: Outer case diameter: 38mm, thickness: 11.8mm
Watch movement: Quartz
Battery: Lithium-ion battery (wireless charging, stand-by time 4~5 days)
Wireless connection : Bluetooth 4.2 Low Energy
Smartphone compatibility: iOS and AndroidTM smartphones
Features: Notifications, schedule calendar, weather, world time, activity level/sleep quality/illumination/UV index measurement, UV alert and more

Due to the decision to re-design its entire system based on VELDT’s new service strategy, the release of VELDT LUXTURE was delayed for a year from its original release date. The model is being introduced as a 2018 Winter model along with the new app. The new app called VELDT UDU with improved healthcare and performance will be on display as a prototype at Baselworld 2018. VELDT is committed in developing a unique line of connected watch products designed to support a positive lifestyle.

VELDT will be adding the Model RT and Model CT to its VELDT SERENDIPITY line of products. The new series comes with wireless charging as well as electronic payment capabilities made possible from VELDT TOUCHWEAR®, a thin NFC card based on Felica technology. The VELDT TOUCHWEAR® card which comes included with the watch can be inserted to the small pocket designed on the band of the new watch.

VELDT will be releasing new wristbands with card pockets to offer more selection for users. The card will be compatible with Rakuten Edy electronic payment service. (Japan only). Orders are scheduled to be accepted from summer 2018.

Technical details
– Model RT: Stainless steel, antibacterial resin, sapphire glass, slate-stone/rubber belt (made by Hirsch Austria)
– Model CT: Stainless steel, antibacterial resin, mineral glass, calf leather belt
Interface: LED x 24, OLED display
Size: Outer case diameter 48mm, thickness 15.6mm
Watch movement: Quartz
Battery: Lithium-ion battery (micro USB charging, 1 week stand-by time)
Wireless connection : Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy
Smartphone compatibility iPhone and Android™ smartphones
Features: Notification of mail, SNS, incoming calls. Activity level and sleep time tracking. Schedule, weather display with LED. Compass, timer, electronic payment (when VELDT TOUCHWEAR™ enabled)

Models and Retail Price
VELDT SERENDIPITY model RT: Price – JPY138,000 (1,480 USD/EUR)
Comes with a watch band from HIRSCH Austria, uniquely design with reinforced natural stone tiles on the band surface. The band is customized for VELDT with a slit pocket placed on the back to insert the VELDT TOUCHWEAR card. Standard D-buckle and sapphire glass.

・Stone Rose : VSR24SR-RST2
・Stone Mirror : VSR24SM-RST2

VELDT SERENDIPITY model CT: Price – JPY68,000 (780 USD/EUR)
Entry model in unique colors. Calf leather belt with backside slit pocket for VELDT TOUCHWEAR card.

・Deep Forest : VSC24GR-LGR2
・Karman Line : VSC24BL-LBL2
・Snow Crystal : VSC24WT-LWT2
・Moon Shadow : VSC24BK-LBK2

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