Halda Watch Co to Produce a Special Edition Watch Exclusively Made for Hypercar Manufacturer Rimac

Swedish brand Halda Watch Co 1887 will design and produce a special edition watch exclusively made for Rimac, producer of the world’s fastest electric hypercar. The watch will be based on Halda’s previous models made for NASA/ESA astronauts and the Race Pilot which won the prestigious The European Watch of the Year award. A total of 150 individually numbered timepieces will be produced and delivered together with the new RimacC_Two.

The first modern Halda, the Space Discovery, was released in 2010 and has been used during missions at the International Space Station at several occasions. The experience and know-how drawn from the Space Discovery was used to create the Race Pilot, a watch equipped with sophisticated functions aimed for racing that was awarded The European Watch of the Year for Design Excellence. After the success with the Race Pilot,Halda has created limited edition watches for the legendary racing track Nürburgring, Grand Turismo Events, Group 63, and now, Rimac.

Halda have had a connection to the electric cars business for some years already, with their ambassador Felix Rosenqvist, one of the top drivers in Formula E. The collaboration with Rimac sets an exciting challenge for Halda to develop a watch to match the brilliant performance of the RimacC_Two.

The new all-electric hypercar, the RimacC_Two has debuted at this year’s Geneva Car Show and is a true game changer. 1,914 hp create incredible acceleration of 0-60 mph in 1,85 sec and 0-300 km/h in 11,8* sec. But more than that, the C_Two is a true Grand Tourer, offering comfort and engagement to the passengers. The watch itself, on the other hand, will be presented during next year’s Geneva Car Show.


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