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A unique spirit permeates every product conceived, designed, and created by Tonino Lamborghini. He possesses the ability to innovate, yet remain faithful to tradition shapes that are elegant and bold at the same time.This passionate quest captures the ineffaceable heritage of Italian Style in the world and speaks the inimitable language of creativity, innovation, elegance and technique. This passion is the driving force behind the collections bearing the Tonino Lamborghini name. In the design, in the search for details, in the desire that only a prestigious brand can awaken. Collections conceived for men and women of character, who refuse to go unnoticed.

The success of a brand has its raison d’etre in its history. The stages throughout its progression towards success let one develop an understanding of the reasons behind its evolution and growth.

In 1981 Tonino Lamborghini designed and branded his first watch. Reinterpreting the historical values and the symbolism which characterise his family, Tonino Lamborghini gave life to a new prestige brand. Drawing inspiration from his previous experiences in the field of engineering and design, he extended the concept of luxury to products capable of evoking a world made up of fashion, technology and innovation: watches, sunglasses, perfumes, leather accessories, furnishing items and clothing lines created from the most sort after, high quality materials; a coordinated universe of complimenting stylish items, which express ‘Puro Talento Italiano’.

The creative spirit and the passion for design and technology were the values that Tonino Lamborghini knew how to transform into his own style, a style synonymous with originality, luxury, appreciated around the world for that typically Italian spirit that manages to render everything unique. Gritty, passionate,elegant: Tonino Lamborghini incarnates the power of the ‘made in Italy’ concept worldwide.

In 1983, after success in the Italian market with the first collections of branded accessories, Tonino Lamborghini decided with great foresight to aim at the Asian market, opening the first monobrand shop in Hong Kong. Since that time, the value of the brand has been extended considerably, becoming a strongly recognised and appreciated brand, with 15 flagship stores between Hong Kong and Macau and numerous corners and shop-in-shops in the main Chinese cities. In 1991, Tonino Lamborghini, who holds an honorary engineering degree conferred upon him by New York University, planned the first electric golf cart model and created a line of apparel and sporting accessories that assure high game performance to those who want to continue to wear ‘Puro Talento Italiano’ in their free time.

Half way through the ‘90s, with the innovative style that always distinguishes him from the others, Tonino Lamborghini was among the first brands to launch his own line of high gastronomy: high quality coffee, the best and most representative wines and gastronomic delicacies, such as extra – virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, pastas and sauces, all the products are expression of the prestigious Italian culinary tradition, guaranteed by the Tonino Lamborghini brand. The success enjoyed by this line of delicacies and the significant brand appeal opened the doors for the realisation of a true network of Tonino Lamborghini coffee lounges in 2000. The locales are characterised by a captivating and evocative architectural style firmly rooted in the history of the brand, with welcoming and elegant atmospheres where the qualitative excellence of the menu and service are a must.

In 1997 Tonino Lamborghini restored the Palazzo del Vignola, a C1500 villa on the outskirts of Bologna, to its original beauty, and today it remains the central headquarters of the company where the design and fashion creations from the Tonino Lamborghini Design Studio take life. Started internally within the central headquarters of the company as the planning entity for the Tonino Lamborghini creations, the ‘Centro Stile’ offers consultation to all the Group’s partners, in the varying phases from conception to design and engineering of new products. The main task for the ‘Centro Stile Tonino Lamborghini’ is therefore that of defining the guidelines of the future Tonino Lamborghini collections for all the Group’s partners.

Since 1981, a constant growth in terms of prestige and revenue, for a brand that has exported its values and the excellence of its products at the international level. With over 15,000 POS, today Tonino Lamborghini carries its distribution at a world level that touches the 5 continents, with a concentration in the major European cities and in the Asian capitals.

Among the most important projects in 2007,  the important deal was signed with Retailcorp, a company in Dubai which is the leader in its retail and restaurant sector, for the creation of over 30 Tonino Lamborghini branded locales, ‘caffès’ and restaurants, which will be built in some of the most luxury and prestigious hotels and shopping centres in the Middle East. The recent openings include two Caffè Corsas in Dubai, one near Times Square Centre and the other in the prestigious and imposing Dubai Mall, and a third in the Khalidiyah Mall of Abu Dhabi.

2008 saw the launches of the new apparel collection “Tonino Lamborghini Sportswear”, composed of outerwear, trousers, shirts and highest quality knitwear, and the “Tonino Lamborghini Shoes” collection, classic and sporting shoes for men and women. Both the collections are expressions of “Puro Talento Italiano” for a dynamic, modern, sporting man who is attentive to the latest trends. Another new event is the creative project “Ferruccio JR”, created by Ferruccio Lamborghini, official racer for Aprilia in the 125 class (ISC 2008). A collection with a dynamic and comfortable design, metropolitan and sporty, technical and safe, for a young target which wants to express his own passion for bikes.

Tonino Lamborghini Watches
Launched in 2008 SPYDER, for men, and CORSA, for women, are two new Tonino Lamborghini branded watches, capable of evoking the brand’s values due to their stylistic detailing. SPYDER, the new watch line model from Tonino Lamborghini was launched at Basel world 2008.

The Tonino Lamborghini Centro Stile has created a watch of refined design, cabale of express ‘Puro Talento Italiano’ and evoking all the values which characterise the history of the brand, from the shape of the case to the materials of which it is composed, from its name to its colours. Every detail is inspired by passion for speed and mechanics: the subdials, for example, recall a speedometer, while the perforated leather strap pays homage to the seats of sportscars. The SPYDER is a model which has been conceptualised for the man who highlights, with attention to small details, his own unique, unusual and typically Italian style.

At Baselworld 2008, the women’s version of the SPYDER model was also presented, known as the CORSA.Inspired by the world of motors, like many famous Tonino Lamborghini branded collections, the Centro Stile has united the elegance of the details, the choice of materials and the sobriety of colours to render this watch an indispensable fashion accessory for a strong woman of character.The SPYDER & CORSA models are watches created both in chronograph and Time Only versions.

The 1966 model is the most known product in the Tonino Lamborghini Watches line. It comprises all the legendary image of the brand and it is for this reason that it has become a true example of technical mastery and design creation branded Tonino Lamborghini.

The 1966 is an automatic watch created in both chronograph and Time Only versions. It has a 3-piece titanium case, the dial is composed of two levels with honeycombing weave inspired by the air grills of classic sports cars, while the bezel was given the same chromatic treatment as the cylinder head covers of high performance engines. It is in these details that the great personality of all 1966 models can be seen, made with satin finish cases, non-reflective Sapphire Glass and desirable automatic Eta 2824 and Valjoux 7750 mechanisms. Every watch, waterproof to 200 metres and with a leather watch strap, is sold in a special display case in the signature orange colour enamelled wood, and contains a spare rubber wrist strap and Allen key.

At Baselworld 2009 trade expo Tonino Lamborghini presented two brand new models: MESH & GT1. The names and the original design of Mesh and GT1 evoke the passion for speed and engines, which represent the characterising values of the historical Bolognese brand. The particular details confer a strong personality to all the Mesh and GT1 models, created with a stainless steel case, Swiss chronograph movement, sapphire crystal. Each watch has several colour versions in the special leather couvette packaging; for the Mesh collection the box also contains two interchangeable rubber and leather straps.

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