With a key focus on craftsmanship with an unmistakable and unique design aesthetic, BAUSELE is the first ever Swiss made Australian designed watch brand. BAUSELE, short for Beyond Australian Elements originated from designer and founder Christophe Hoppe’s passion for watches and love of Australia. BAUSELE offers a premium range of high quality, innovative Australian inspired timepieces, made for watch lovers and style enthusiasts to discover their passion.

Creative Director and Owner, Christophe Hoppe developed the BAUSELE brand after years spent working with some of the world leading watch brands. His desire for BAUSELE was to showcase his design expertise and fulfil a lifelong passion for watchmaking which came to life when he launched the brand in 2011.

BAUSELE is inherently Australian. Each Timepiece holds actual unique elements of Australia in the signature crown, including red earth from the Australian outback, sand from one of Australia’s beautiful beaches and opal extracted from deep inside the earth. Channelling the adventurous Australian lifestyle the timepieces are made of the highest quality materials designed to take the wearer through anything life throws at them.

Innovation is at the core of the BAUSELE brand. Through an influential and ambitious joint venture with Flinders University called Australian Advance Manufacturing Pty Ltd which aims to produce materials for both BAUSELE and other companies who wish to manufacture on shore in Australia. In collaboration with Flinders University through the joint venture BAUSELE have invented a new featherweight and durable material, Bauselite.

This innovative nano-technology provides increased strength and enables accurate modelling – limiting shrinkage compared to common ceramic material. Its design is also environmentally friendly helping to preserve the beautiful Australian landscape whilst being locally manufactured supporting industry and development in South Australia, testament to BAUSELE’S commitment to its Australian homeland.

With five innovative collections, BAUSELE have designed a timepiece to suit every lifestyle. From the elegantly masculine Terra Australia to the innovative Pilot Automatic featuring uniquely designed ceramic watch case and sapphire crystal in front and in the back both premium features; each BAUSELE watches is made with durability, strength and innovation. All watches come with a 5 years warranty, and easy to use interchangeable steel and leather straps which some with every timepieces are also a signature feature of the BAUSELE brand. As another nod to its Australian heartbeat leather straps are made locally from kangaroo leather.

BAUSELE proudly partners with a number of successful and iconic Australian’s including Formula One World champion Alan Jones, Australian actor Steve Peacocke, renowned Wine Critic and presenter Jeremey Oliver and managing partner of PwC Joseph Carrozzi – all of whom represent the adventurous Australian lifestyle and embody the BAUSELE spirit. Partnerships with Kite Boarding Australia and The Royal Geelong Yacht Club embody the seafaring spirit behind some of the BAUSELE pieces.

Through their exclusive bespoke offering, BAUSELE are also exclusive watch suppliers for the Army Intelligence Service, for servicemen and women on clandestine missions, serving and protecting Australia all over the world. Similar bespoke collections have been developed in partnership with racing drive Christopher Anthony and previously with basketball star Andrew Bogut.

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