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Established in Paris, Obrey, the family owned boutique watch maker has been creating exceptional timepieces made in solid silver since 1965.

Obrey was founded in 1951 by Émile and June Obrey in Paris. The historical boutique is still located rue Tronchet in Paris. Since the very beginning, Obrey decided to create his own watch brand instead of selling existing brands. Émile Obrey was confident in his skills and he developed a whole new line of watches.

In 1965, with talented designers, Obrey created a new line of watches made in solid silver. This was an innovation in the industry because very few brands were using solid silver for their watches. Obrey’s products became very successful at this time because the products were original and the design was unique. Obrey is still known for this collection and continue to produce watches in solid silver, the case and the bracelet.

Obrey Paris watches

In 1970s, the company became international by partnering with distributors in the US with famous department stores/specialist stores like Bergdorf Goodman. Obrey also developed its activities in Germany and Japan. The company is still very active in Japan today. Japanese customers represent a large part of its customer base.

Since the 1980s, Émile and June’s son, Mr Patrick Obrey is the manager of the company. Obrey has always been administered by the Obrey family.

Obrey Paris ladies' watches

The Obrey watches are made in solid silver and handmade and available for both men and women. As Obrey focus more on the design than the mechanism, they prefer Quartz movement for their timepieces which is more reliable and easier to maintain than mechanical movements.

Among Men’s watch collection, Obrey Emile & Obrey Kensington models are rectangular and Obrey Piccadilly & Obrey Chelsea models feature oval shaped design. These timepieces are equipped with Swiss made ETA quartz movement. Obrey Montmartre features tonneau design and Obrey Saint-Germain has a round case. These two models are powered with Swiss made Technotime quartz movement.

Obrey Paris oval watch

Cases of all timepieces are made with solid silver and fitted with a tempered glass. Models are available in many versions such as options for Roman or Arabic numerals, different dial and strap colours etc. Approximate Price is 1200 Euros.

For women the brand offers elegant and unique timepieces that can suit for any occasion. Obrey’s alligator bracelet collection for women offers many versions of Swiss quartz powered timepieces made in solid silver.

Obrey Paris watch

They are available in different case dimensions and designs, various dial versions and the choice of straps such as white, black, pale blue, myosotis, tender green, bordeaux, ruby, bright red, Indian pink, pink, pale pink, orange tree, orange, mink, dark beige. Prices start from 1000 Euros.

Obrey Paris solid silver watch for women

The solid silver collection for women offers watches in solid silver case accompanied by a beautifully crafted solid silver bracelet. These exceptional watches are available in different dial versions, case designs, and various designs of bracelets.

Obrey Paris bangle watch

These sophisticated luxury timepieces are powered with a Swiss made ETA quartz movement. Prices start from 2300 Euros.

Contact details

13-15, rue Tronchet
75008 PARIS (France)


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