BOVET Château de Môtiers 40 “Eurytides Marcellus”

Presented at the annual Salon exhibition 2018 in Geneva, the Château de Môtiers 40 “Eurytides Marcellus” timepiece marks the second incandescent butterfly motif to be presented by BOVET since premiering the new luminous hand-painted technique to the world in 2017.

On its mother-of-pearl dial, a zebra swallowtail “Eurytides Marcellus” butterfly rests daintily on a flower, surrounded by vines, leaves, and blooms. In the darkness, the long-tailed butterfly glows in splendid high contrast, with each delicate, hand-painted line vividly outlined in a striking, almost three-dimensional effect.

The method employed by the highly skilled artisans recalls the unmatched hand painted techniques perfected by the Swiss watchmaking House over nearly two centuries. The “Eurytides Marcellus” miniature painting is framed by a 40mm case of 18 karat red gold, and is complemented by a full skin alligator strap.

Within, the timepiece houses a self-winding caliber, which offers 42 hours of power reserve. Presented as a piece-unique, the luminous new Château de Môtiers 40 “Eurytides Marcellus” timepiece is destined for the collector who appreciate true luxury, high art, and horology.

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