Marloe Watch Company Lomond Chronoscope

Launched in October 2017, the Lomond Chronoscope is the third watch model from Marloe, the young watch company renowned for contemporary mechanical wristwatches with an ethos for vintage aesthetics coupled with manual, mechanical movements.

This new model takes its name from perhaps the most well-known and picturesque loch in Scotland. For the Lomond Chronoscope collection, Marloe Watch Company was dedicated to creating a timepiece with a foot in both the traditional and the contemporary; with a strikingly unique, yet familiar design. Marloe decided to retain certain key elements of its previous incarnations whilst also ensuring the newest design stood out from the crowd.

Marloe Watch Company Lomond Chronoscope

This third timepiece is a more complex mechanical machine, offering both accurate timekeeping and time measurement. Therefore, the design needs to reflect the requirement for additional information on the watch face, whilst remaining true to Marloe’s ethos of a clutter free style.

Marloe Watch Company Lomond Chronoscope Sea-Gull ST1901 column-wheel manual movement

Surrounding the exhibition case back are the words of Scottish poet and lyricist Robert Burns from his 1790 narrative poem Tam o’Shanter: “nae man can tether time or tide”.

At the heart of the Lomond Chronoscope is the  Sea-Gull ST1901 column-wheel manual movement. This timepiece is also water resistant up to 50 meters. The  Lomond Chronoscope is available in five different versions: Classic Grey, Classic White, Classic Panda, Vintage Coffee and Vintage Vanilla.

Marloe Watch Company Lomond Chronoscope

Classic Grey: The Classic Grey is bold and refined. The dial is a charcoal grey, applied to a sandblasted surface to give a beautiful paper-like matte finish. The main printed markings are in white with red accents, and the hour blocks are polished to match the hands. These contrast with the dark grey dial to assist in quick time-reading. The Classic Grey is adorned with a matching anthracite leather strap.

Marloe Watch Company Lomond Chronoscope with classic white dial

Classic White: The most notable style feature of the Classic White is that it is fitted with a bold orange leather strap. The case, crown and pushers are mirror polished with a matt black ceramic bezel, telemeter scale engraved and paint-filled white. This version of the timepiece has a mirror polished main and sub-dial hands with a tinted dark grey chronoscope hand to compliment the outer markings.

Marloe Watch Company Lomond Chronoscope classic panda dial

Classic Panda: The Classic Panda dial features the same pearlescent white paint as the Classic White dial, it is applied to a sandblasted surface to give a beautiful paper like texture with a semi-metallic sheen. The sub-dials are the inverse of the dial, or Panda as it’s called. The outer ring minute markings are red, with dark grey 1/5th seconds markings. The hour blocks are polished to match the hands, as are the main and sub-dial hands, whereas the chronoscope hand is painted in the accent colour red.

Marloe Watch Company Lomond Chronoscope vintage coffee dial

Vintage Coffee: Strikingly different, the Vintage Coffee has a luscious deep brown, almost black dial colour. In one light it appears a glossy inky black, enhanced by the reflection from the crystal. In another light and angle the dial is a dark espresso brown. The main printed markings are a combination of vintage cream with red and white accents; polished hour blocks match the polished hands.

Marloe Watch Company Lomond Chronoscope vintage vanilla dial

Vintage Vanilla: This fifth variety of the Lomond also comes with a case that is polished with matching crown and pushers. The deep glossy, inky black ceramic bezel is engraved white markings. The Vintage Vanilla is strapped with dark brown leather, contrast white stitching and steel rivets to complete the vintage range.

The Marloe Watch Company Lomond Chronoscope collection is priced at £449.00 and comes in grey, panda, white, coffee and vanilla watch face finishes with the choice of classic or vintage style leather straps.

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