H. MOSER & CIE. Opens an Online Boutique on the Jd.Com, China’s Largest Online Retailer

Recently in Geneva during SIHH 2018 haute-horlogerie exhibition, the independent Swiss watchmaking brand H. Moser & Cie. has officially announced a new partnership with China’s largest online retailer JD.com and opened an online boutique on the popular e-commerce platform favored by elite clientele and luxury brands.

The rapid growth of online luxury shopping and sustained expansion of emerging markets has prompted H. Moser & Cie. to rethink its relationship with consumers while maintaining an independent approach, with the aim of broadening its consumer reach. As China’s largest retailer, JD.com offers a large user base of high-end luxury consumers, an advanced business model, a first-class logistics network, industry-leading customer service and other unique advantages. In view of this opportunity, H. Moser & Cie. has concluded a partnership agreement with JD.com to facilitate the brand’s expansion in China.

H. Moser & Cie. has demonstrated its commitment to this first collaboration with JD.com by carefully selecting the finest timepieces in its popular Endeavour, Venturer and Pioneer collections for China’s high-end consumers. And to highlight the great significance of the partnership, H. Moser & Cie. will also develop new, global limited edition watch models that will be sold through JD.com.

In the past two years, JD Watch, JD.com’s division dedicated to watches, cooperated with many of the world’s finest international watch brands. As one of the e-retailer’s fastest growing fashion categories, JD Watch has become the benchmark platform in China’s vertical e-commerce industry and one of the preferred online sales outlets for many prestigious Swiss watch brands.

JD Watch not only has a large and discerning user base that is attuned to leading high-end brands, it has always adopted a proactive and open minded attitude and comprehensively empowered watch brands with its extensive resources in marketing, branding and sales.

Users who purchase H. Moser products from JD.com in China will benefit from the site’s exclusive, high-end “JD Luxury Express” delivery service provided by dedicated specially trained, smartly dressed couriers wearing white gloves and driving electric vehicles. Thanks to the company’s extensive advanced logistics network, many consumers can enjoy same-day delivery supported by more than 500 large fulfilment centres operated by JD.com’s logistics arm, JD Logistics.

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