klokers – KLOK-01 & KLOK-02

In 2015, Swiss watch brand klokers launched an online crowd funding campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds for the initial mass production of their watch models KLOK-01 & KLOK-02. It became one of the most successful crow-funded wristwatch projects in the history by raising a whopping €605,898 from more than 1500 backers.

klokers KLOK-01 watches

These watches carry two patents.

The fixing system: The patented fixing system, which makes all klokers’ products interchangeable, is made possible by the association of two high precision pieces which secure and lock the watch-heads on straps and accessories: the caseback integrated with its locking system and the key ensuring a perfect fit with the caseback.

Time display: Displaying time with discs is the second major innovation of klokers. This patented display brings a real innovation in the sector of traditional watchmaking. The technical challenge of disk dials lies in the materials and production methods and the Quartz movement allowing for powering pieces with variable geometry and nonstandard mechanical properties.

klokers watches

The type of movement klokers uses is situated midway between the quartz movement from the 1970s and a traditional mechanical movement. It’s a hybrid movement known as a micro-motor controlled by processors and softwares. This movement allows klokers to offer watch complications usually reserved for luxury mechanical watches sold between 2000 and 3000 EUR in the watchmaking sector (retrograde hands, worldtimer, perpetual calendar).


KLOK-01 is inspired by the circular slide rule, a once ubiquitous instrument employed for math operations. This was an analogue mechanical computer generally comprised of three scales, one of which slides between the other two. Three concentric discs turn anticlockwise to show the time along a vertical axis. A push-button at 8 o’clock is used to unlock the watch head from its bracelet or accessory.

klokers KLOK-01 watch

Technical details

Hours, minutes, and seconds displayed by counterclockwise-rotating concentric disks

Three concentric disks (one each for seconds, minutes, and hours) rotate counterclockwise to indicate the time along a vertical red line at top of dial

Material: composite metal polymer
Dimensions: 44 mm diameter x 11,5 mm high
Weight (with strap): 42g
Docking klokers Key: pusher on caseband at 8 o’clock for quick release of case
Crystal: anti-reflect treated transparent polymer with integrated magnifying lens for time display
Assembly: partially non-demountable construction

Counterclockwise Swiss Made Ronda movement with Lavet micro-motors powering the indications

Easily interchangeable bracelets
klokers Key: quick release dock in brushed, 316L stainless steel
Bracelet: genuine leather, designed to be worn with or without watch Buckle: stainless steel pin buckle
Colors available: matte black leather, silky black leather, indigo leather, orange alcantara, mouse-gray alcantara, and Newport yellow leather

24-month warranty against manufacturing defects


In 1879, Sir Sandford Fleming proposed dividing the world into 24 time zones. In doing so he universalized the notion of time. KLOK-02 was inspired by these time zones.

klokers KLOK-02 watch

Perfect for traveling around the world, it makes it possible to display the time in its central window, from among 24 international cities.

klokers KLOK-02 watch

Technical details

Jumping hours in the window
Retrograde seconds and minutes
Perpetual calendar

Klokers Key
A pushbutton at 8 o’clock to unlock the watch head from its bracelet or accessory

Metal-polymer composite
Dimensions: 43.2 mm wide x 13.2 mm deep

Mechatronic SOPROD
Swiss Made
5 micro-motors
3V battery

Two-year warranty against any manufacturing defect

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