OSSAU is a young mechanical watch brand from Pau region of South West France. The brand takes inspiration from the rich history, aerospace industry and skills of the region, now home to many companies which create and build parts of civil and military aircrafts, planes and helicopters.

The name of the brand is inspired from the iconic Le “Pic du Midi d’Ossau” mountain which stands tall above the Ossau Valley in the French Pyrenees. OSSAU watches are designed and manufactured in the Pau area, and proudly boast “made in France” label. These timepieces are made with innovative materials used in aircraft industry.

TCA 01: A 41mm chronograph using the local aircraft industry. The screws in the sapphires, the machined from solid titanium case, the double dial and the black finish give this watch a sporty and elegance touch.

OSSAU TCA 01 Chronograph

TCA 09: A 41mm automatic Chronograph. The entirely polished titanium case is machined from solid and has the same specification as Aerospace material. Different colours are available for the dial.

OSSAU TCA 09 Chronograph

TIMA 08: An elegant watch made from two materials: Steel and titanium. This Thin 40mm piece has a mechanical and automatic movement. Different dials are available and a fully polished steel version exists.


Contact details  

422 rue du Tumulus
FR – 64121


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