NORD ZEITMASCHINE (NORTH TIMEMACHINE) is an independent Swiss watch brand founded by watch maker Daniel Nebel. NORD stands both for the initials of its founder’s name, Nebel, Daniel. The various elements and design principles of NORD ZEITMASCHINE watches are taken from machine manufacturing.

Born in 1971, at the northern end of the arc of the Jura in northern Switzerland, Daniel Nebel, started his professional career with a machine technician’s apprenticeship from 1988 to 1992. After completing the apprenticeship he worked for several years in prototype machine manufacture and tool making.

In 1995, he started studying and manufacturing wristwatches in parallel and created his first watch in 1997. In the subsequent years, Daniel Nebel constantly expanded his knowledge of the manufacture of mechanical watches and also constantly expanded his workshop.

Today, a NORD ZEITMASCHINE watch has been created in-house thanks to constant progress in the areas of development, design and manufacture. The independence that the brand has achieved is a major advantage to a watch manufacturer like NORD ZEITMASCHINE, who only manufactures a few watches per year.

The production of components is, besides development and design, the most labour intensive part of Daniel Nebel’s work on everything to do with watches. At the start Daniel Nebel manufactured parts such as cases, dials, crowns, pushers, screws and discs himself.

Over the years he added movement plates, hands, shafts, wheels, bridges, eccentrics and other parts. Polishing, engraving, ornamentation, stamping and gold plating of the individual parts is another important part of his work before the final assembling of a watch. Today the depth of Daniel Nebel’s manufacturing skills makes it possible for him to produce complex watches independently.

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Daniel Nebel,
Grienstrasse 70,4227 Büsserach,
Official website:

Update 14 Oct 2020: Daniel Nebel, the founder of NORD ZEITMASCHINE, passed away on 20 September 2020.


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