Doughboy Watch Company of Philadelphia

The Doughboy watch company of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania was created in 2012. Their mission is to recreate timepieces that reflect centuries old mechanical watch making tradition of America.

The era before First World War was of pocket watches, which ruled the horology Industry. In those times in America, legendary watch manufacturing companies such as Elgin, Gruen, Waltham and Hamilton were used to produce high quality mechanical timepieces, especially the pocket watches.

During the world war I, soldiers realised the necessity of wrist worn timepieces and it led to the emergence of wrist watches. The good old pocket watches gradually gave the way to more convenient wrist worn timepieces.

Most of the US traditional watch companies are no more functional now, and some of the brands either changed the ownerships or shifted their operations to other countries like Switzerland.

The Doughboy Watch Company wants their customers to taste the rich American horology tradition and the way they found is to rebuilt and modify those vintage pocket watches to exceptional wrist worn mechanical marvels.

The Doughboy Watch Company creates watches in revival of the world war one style trench watch. These watches are original period watches that are found, rebuilt, modified and brought back to life in the same tradition of how they were made during the First World War.

As we all know pocket watches have been deemed out of fashion for quite some time, but repurposing them allows these incredible pieces of art and history to be appreciated again. Unfortunately, many of these watches been scrapped for the small amount of precious metals found in their cases.

Doughboy Watch Company brings a new life to these mechanical wonders by converting them into wrist worn timepieces thanks to the painstaking work, perfection and talent involved in the process. Their movements are serviced by accredited watchmakers to ensure that they will continue ticking for another 100 years.

Every single watch that comes out of Doughboy Watch Company is one of a kind piece and each has its own story. It is a testament to the great watchmaking institutions of America and abroad that took great pride in what they created during the golden age of watchmaking.

The Doughboy Watch Company products can be ordered online.

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