Damoiselle D Watches

Based in French watch making city of Besancon, Damoiselle D is an independent watch brand inspired by the muse of multi-facetted femininity and pervaded by graceful floral themes. The magnificence of nature has always stirred the hearts of romantics and poets, and continues to infuse the work of the artists behind the Damoiselle D collection.

This graceful new gem in the watchmaking crown stems from the initiative of Véronique Muller, a devotee of art and watchmaking who is fascinated by creativity and innovation which she sees as the most powerful means of sublimating feminine beauty. In conceiving the Damoiselle D models, Véronique Muller has drawn upon the experience and expertise of her husband Jean Muller, a designer and producer of jewellery and jewellery-watches.

After several years devoted to the demanding field of Haute Horlogerie, Véronique and Jean Muller, who share a number of passionate interests, have jointly forged a fresh tribute to “the eternal feminine”.

Each watch admirably combines French aesthetic creativity with time-honoured Swiss artistic crafts. The watches are assembled and tested in Switzerland for precision and water resistance, entirely in harmony with the demands of the “Swiss made” label which is synonymous with technical and aesthetic quality. In keeping with the finest Haute Horlogerie traditions, this brand achieves a delicate balance between hand craftsmanship and industrial innovation, while associating this technical mastery with an exquisitely feminine jewellery touch.

Damoiselle D Watches

These jewellery watches are intended for passionate, seductive, contemporary, independent, daring, demanding and loving women with a zest for living and a definite sense of the precious nature of time.

Véronique Muller
After 15 thrilling years in the field of Haute Horlogerie, Véronique Muller felt the need to enrich her experience by specialised university studies in the area of the preservation and development of cultural heritage. The idea of building bridges between the past and present by handing down artistic crafts is particularly important to her, since creating her jewellery watches or jewellery implies mastery of cutting-edge technologies while maintaining a hand-crafted, poetic and infinitely precious approach.

In creating Damoiselle D, she is able to express and give life to the finest values embodied in her favourite fields of interest. The mingling of these twin inspirations from the fields of culture and craftsmanship is echoed in the brand logo: the delicate bird cage. The finesse of the cage symbolises a jewel case that preserves and keeps graceful watch over the gem, while also serving as a protective cocoon.

A single look at this subtle graphic design, inspired by the work of Su-Mei Tse, laureate of the prestigious prize of the Prince Pierre of Monaco Foundation in 2009, immediately sparks profound reflection on life, on hopes and dreams, on freedom.

The name Damoiselle D and its French signature “Le temps précieux” (precious time) evokes the noble young women (or “damsels” as they were known in English) of yesteryear and their privileged, exclusive universe, as well as the gentle flow of time, a desire to hand down values and humankind’s tireless quest for eternity. This exceptional brand exclusively dedicated to women comprises a collection of jewellery watches with matching rings, necklaces and earrings all sharing a common denominator: the magic of diamonds.

Jean Muller
Jean Muller, a designer by training (world reknown “Beaux-Arts” French school of fine arts), has acquired a number of valuable assets: artistic and industrial training and education, a thorough knowledge of gemmology, and well-established experience in the field of watchmaking.

In the 1980s he launched the Bugatti watch line and handled this bold project in an entirely independent manner, from design through to the international distribution of the collections. Over the past 15 years, Jean Muller has discreetly cooperated with the greatest names in Swiss watchmaking and French jewellery-making who can testify to his know-how, including Chopard, Girard-Perregaux, Guy Ellia, Leviev, Richard Mille, TAG Heuer and Graham-London, to name but a few.

The company workshop located since 1989 at the heart of the European Microtechnologies Center in Besançon, France (just across the border from Switzerland), specialises in the production of watches and jewellery developed for the most prestigious brands. It is equipped with both traditional watchmaking and jewellery tools and cutting-edge technologies. Its flexibility enables it to meet clients’ demands for one-of-a-kind models, as well as limited or medium-sized series.

Jewellery creativity: This activity calls for a broad range of talents: a sense of shapes and volumes, as well as a knowledge of drawing, arts and gemmology, technical mastery. The Atelier Muller draws upon the finest talents stemming from the most demanding training backgrounds, thereby guaranteeing the excellence of each step in production and finishing. Patience, meticulous care, dexterity and creativity ensure high-quality work performed by in-house gem-setters, including invisible, closed, grain, claw, rail and snow setting techniques.

Watchmaking expertise: The Atelier Muller in Le Locle (Switzerland) offers a range of services encompassing decoration, engraving, as well as assembly of movements and “complications”. The watches are certified “Swiss made” in compliance with the criteria of this world-renowned label.

Damoiselle D Watch Collections


 From East to West, the rose embodies powerful symbolism that pervades our daily life, our imagination and even our remedies. It reigns supreme over hearts and minds. Its name comes from the Latin word “rosa” with a semantic root meaning “morning dew”, and it undeniably represents regeneration. In Ancient Greece, roses were dedicated to Aphrodite, a goddess of sublime beauty symbolising Fertility, as well as to Athena, goddess of Reason and Wisdom.

The rose inspires intimate thoughts and great writings. It has now led to the creation of “Damoiselle Rosa”, a jewellery collection distinguished by extraordinarily slender, pure and timeless lines. These exquisite models are a vibrant tribute to dazzling precious stones and ornamental gems such as turquoise, coral onyx and white agate, renowned for their beauty and their symbolism. They also pay homage to the nobility of solid gold.

Damoiselle Rosa whispers its message of incomparable harmony through its eight graceful petals – a number symbolising happiness, luck and prosperity in many different cultures. Gracefully accompanying women’s noblest gestures, Damoiselle Rosa will bloom and reveal its fascinating splendours.

Featured model: “Damoiselle Rosa”: 18 carat pink gold case, bezel set with diamonds, coral petals surrounded by diamonds, dial paved with diamonds, blue steel hands, leather-lined satin strap with a buckle set with diamonds – total of 184 diamonds representing 1.29 carats – quartz movement – Ref. MR1R1A

2. Damoiselle O

This timeless watch symbolises femininity and renewal. Elegant and decorated with magnificent diamonds, it exalts the union of perfection and classic elegance. Its case, made up of ellipses, is reminiscent of the journey taken by the Earth around the Sun.

The watch comes in 18 carat white, pink or yellow gold and is set with diamonds, as is the buckle on the leather-lined black satin strap. The watch dial is in mother of pearl or entirely paved with diamonds.

Damoiselle O watchFeatured model: Watch in 18K gold set with VVS/F-G brilliant-cut diamonds. Dial set with 66 VVS/F-G brilliant-cut diamonds (0.46 cts), as well as 4 VVS/F-G diamond hour-markers (0.035 cts). 18K gold buckle set with 8 brilliant-cut diamonds (0.035 ct) VVS/F-G. Black satin strap with leather lining. Watch dimension: height 29 mm, width 23 mm. Swiss movement: electronic time setting ETA E01.701 (h, min). Water resistance: 3 atm. Materials available: 18k white gold, 18K pink gold or 18K yellow gold. Indicated gold weight: 20 g


In the universal language of flower, capucines (white nasturtiums) express “extremely pure and noble feelings for the loved one”. This flower originally from Peru appeared in France in the 16th century, and Louis XIV is believed to have offered the first bouquet of nasturtiums to Madame de Maintenon.

A “watch flower” featuring refined and contemporary lines, “Damoiselle Capucine” conceals its crown so as to ensure that nothing disturbs its soft bloom. Its eight delightful petals highlight the fiery radiance of eternal diamonds. In many cultures, the figure “8” is a symbol of happiness, luck and prosperity.

Damoiselle Capucine will be the faithful confidante of its queen of heart, while keeping careful watch over her secret garden. A magnificent ruby or sapphires or a rare emerald adorning the rotating motif with eight petals will discreetly indicate precious trysts synonymous with love, hope, friendship… or quite simply with happiness. By gracefully accompanying noble hearts, Damoiselle Capucine will reveal the purest feelings.

Featured Model: “Damoiselle Capucine”: 18 carat pink gold case, bezel set with diamonds, pink gold petals surrounded by diamonds, revolving decoration, mother of pearl dial with 3 diamond indices, pink gold hands, leather-lined satin strap with a buckle set with diamonds – total of 173 diamonds representing 1.23 carats – quartz movement – Ref. MC0R1N & Pink gold “Capucine” ring, heart and petal edging set with diamonds – 100 diamonds representing 1.17 carats.

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Damoiselle D – Véronique Muller
20 rue Francis Clerc
Tel. 33 (0)3 81 48 05 72 – Fax 33 (0)3 81 52 73 78
Official website: http://www.damoiselle-d.com

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