Cacheux Cathedrale Concept Watch

Young luxury watch brand CACHEUX Haute-Horlogerie operates a reflection center to demonstrate the creative potential of the company outside the constraints of production and cost price. This Concept Laboratory announces a new concept watch, the Cacheux Cathedrale.

Fabien CACHEUX long wanted to create a watch on which we can admire all the facets of the movement without removing the watch from his wrist. The fact of raising the watch vertically makes it possible to make the analogy with the construction of cathedrals.

The sapphire crystal continues this upward momentum by coming out visually from the watch case, as if the construction of the watch was not completely completed and that this growth could go on eternally. Finally, this timepiece honours sapphire crystal shears is a modern interpretation of the stained glass windows of contemporary cathedrals.

The Cacheux Cathedrale has an ingenious system of rotation of the case placed at the level of the horns. This allows the case to be pushed horizontally and locked in this position in order to, for example, remove the jacket or simply place the watch in a more conventional position on the wrist.

Technical features
Jumping hours on face A
Minutes hand on the top by chain
Automatic winding movement
Rotor on face B
3x sapphire glasses
Grade 5 Titanium case
Rotating system to get dress without removing the watch
Bracelet: leather or satin

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