Artya Bloody Son of Sound

The Artya Bloody Son of Sound watch is created, especially for Halloween, to protect us from the werewolves of modern times and contains its victims’ blood. With the Son of Sound, ArtyA pays tribute to the world of music – and particularly that of rock. It sets itself a part by its impressive watch case shaped like the head of a guitar and it will catch the eye even in the darkest corners of a murky music venue. The Son of Sound has gold hand-stretched strings, large time & date window indicators.

There is nothing figurative about the tuning pegs as they activate the Swiss made Woodstock chronograph movement made by Concepto that has been protected by a unique and patented Active Tuning Pegs System (ATPS). It has a power reserve of 48 hours and contains 27 rubies. Its heart rocks at 28’800 vibrations a minute and innumerable extravagant dials and case finishing are available.

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