Singer Reimagined – Singer Track 1

Founded in 2009, the Singer Vehicle Design now enters into the world of luxury watch manufacturing by setting up a new firm, the Singer Reimagined SA, in Switzerland. The SINGER TRACK 1 is the debut timepiece from the new watch brand.

The new watch company was born in 2014, when Rob Dickinson, the founder of Singer Vehicle Design, joined hands with Marco Borraccino, a well-known watch designer in order to create high end mechanical timepieces inspired from the golden era of watch making, especially the iconic sport-classic chronographs of the late 1960s and ‘70s.

Singer Reimagined – Singer Track 1

After the design stage, the brand approached world renowned master watch maker Jean-Marc Wiederrecht in order to find a suitable engine to power their unique timepiece aiming to retain the essential beauty and function of an iconic sporting chronograph. Coincidently, they found a very suitable movement – a unique, never-seen before chronograph movement named AgenGraphe that was created by Jean-Marc Wiederrecht thanks to a ten years long research and development driven by the curiosity and creativity of the award winning master watch maker.

In this timepiece, the chronograph function takes centre-stage as it should in a sports watch. The legibility of the dial, reminiscent of dashboard instruments, is further enhanced by instantaneous jumping chronograph hours and minutes. The hour display of the watch is presented in a fascinating relief around the periphery of the dial. The hours and minutes are indicated at 6 o’clock by the small indicator set just above 2 rotating discs.

The Singer Track 1 is powered by a revolutionary automatic column-wheel chronograph movement, boasting completely new design and movement architecture. Developed with Agenhor, this complex engine is equipped with a series of snail cams, which enable the centralized chronograph indications. Its functionality is further enhanced by a novel clutch system, allowing for a smoother operation of the chronograph.

With clean, dynamic lines, the stylish titanium case offers a modern take on classic 1960s chronograph design. It has a distinctive barrel-shape with a thin, round bezel, softly curved for enhanced ergonomics. The mushroom shaped chronograph pushers are unusually located on opposite sides of the case to optimize operation start / stop on the right and reset on the left, just like early dashboard timers. The crown meanwhile is ergonomically integrated into the case band at 4 o’clock.

The Singer Track 1 is worn on a soft black calf leather strap with khaki green alligator lining. It is perforated with brushed titanium screw down rivets a Singer Vehicle Design signature echoing the early Porsche 911’s.

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