Hublot Becomes the Official Timekeeper of the Most Famous Highland Games, the Braemar Gathering

On 02 Sep, together with its Scottish retailer ROX, Hublot reached a new milestone of its partnership with the renowned Braemar Royal Highland Society. The Swiss watch Manufacture became the Official Timekeeper of the Braemar Gathering Highland Games 2017.

Over the last 900 years since the annual congregations of the Gatherings have occurred in Scotland, the Highland Games have become a major event which Her Majesty the Queen herself would not miss under any circumstances.

Hublot and the Braemar Gathering

Featuring the finest pipe bands, Highland dancers and athletes in a stunning setting surrounded by heather clad mountains, the Highland Games have always garnered great interest and large crowds. This year a record 16,000 spectators came to support international and military athletes participating in both the ‘heavy’ and ‘track’ events of the traditional Highland Games.

Braemar Gatherings’ modern roots can be traced to 1832 when the Braemar Royal Highland Society took responsibility for organising the Highland Games.

Hublot the Braemar Gathering

Royal patronage began with Queen Victoria in 1848 and continues today with the loyal support of Her Majesty The Queen, Patron of the Braemar Royal Highland Society. Her Majesty The Queen was joined at the event by Charles, Prince of Wales, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh and Anne, Princess Royal.

Hublot is particularly proud to partner with the Braemar Gathering displaying time and sponsoring the races of the ‘track’ events throughout the Highland Games. The winners of both the 80m and the ½ mile races had been awarded a Hublot prize by Benoît Lecigne, Brand Director for the United Kingdom, France, BeLux, Eastern Europe and Scandinavia.

As a watchmaker that is deeply attached to Swiss values, traditions and quality, Hublot has decided to defend and promote values that include the harmony between man and nature, team spirit and authenticity with huge respect for tradition.

These notions can be found in the very aesthetics of this brand-new Hublot Classic Fusion Italia Independent Tartan King Gold watch that beautifully combines the reflections of gold with the softness of tartan, a typically Scottish pattern adorning both the dial and strap of this 50-piece limited edition watch.

Hublot Classic Fusion Italia Independent Tartan King Gold watch

Some privileged guests had been able to experience both a try on and the Highland Games atmosphere in a special marquee erected by Hublot to celebrate the Scottish culture.

About The Highland Games

While there have been Gatherings of one sort or another at Braemar since the days of King Malcolm Canmore, nine hundred years ago, the Gathering has been run in its present form since 1832. During much of that time large crowds have come each year to acclaim their Monarch as Chieftain of the Braemar Gathering.

The organisers of the gathering are the Braemar Royal Highland Society which was initially established as the Braemar Wright Society in July 1815, constituted in 1816 and formal registration in 1817, it remains the oldest surviving Friendly Society in the country. In 1826, the name of the Society was changed to the Braemar Highland Society and in 1866, Queen Victoria ordered that the title “Royal” should be added to the name of the Society.

Since 1848, The Gathering has been attended regularly by the reigning Monarch and members of the Royal Family. The foot races at The Gathering are world’s oldest, having been organised on a regular basis by the same body since 1832.

The core functions of the Charity are to provide or to organise recreational facilities, in the interests of social welfare with the objective of improving the conditions of life for the persons for whom the facilities or activities are primarily intended and which are available to members of the public; to foster and promote community development for the benefit of the inhabitants of the Parish of Crathie and Braemar and the surrounding area; to promote the education of the general public about the history, traditions, sports, language, culture and heritage of Scotland; to advance the heritage and culture of Scotland by staging, managing, operating and promoting the Braemar Annual Royal Highland Gathering; to advance public participation in sport through the organisation of professional events and non professional events open to all comers.

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