DeLaneau Intimate Conversation

The DeLaneau Intimate Conversation is a unique timepiece in which love and romance are expressed through the delicate combination of enamelling, engraving and gem setting.

Utmost delicacy is depicted on this dial, to express the timelessness of the feeling of love. And to illustrate it, DeLaneau has hand-picked a fleeting moment in nature by capturing the intimacy between a pair of swallows.

DeLaneau Intimate Conversation
This beautiful wristwatch is the result of numerous tests and considerable reflection, all of which took place before work even began on the actual dial. In order to familiarize herself with the subject, the artisan enameller took regular strolls in the forest and contemplated the sky at various hours of the day, with much of her attention directed towards the light and how it falls on the leaves.

The material itself was also the subject of much reflection, and it was only after several experiments that the artisan enameller decided upon using semi-opaque enamels, finally comfortable with the depth this solution gave to the colours in the sky and the luminosity it afforded.

The result is an evocative composition of a black miniature painting on a base of semi-opaque enamel. Golden powder decorates the tree leaves on the dial, perfectly complementing the gold hand-engraved foliage.

The dial is housed in a 42 mm red gold case set with 185 brilliant-cut diamonds and a diamond-embedded crown. This poetic timepiece also features an automatic movement and an alligator strap equipped with a matching red gold deploying buckle set with 24 diamonds.