DuBois et fils Celebrates the Successful Fifth Anniversary of Crowd-funding the Oldest Watch Factory in Switzerland

In 2012, the oldest Swiss watch factory, DuBois et fils SA, entered a completely new era by way of crowdfunding. The company raised 1.5 million Swiss francs and gained nearly 600 new shareholders.

Celebrating 5th anniversary of the crowd-funding project that helped the brand to achieve an active role again in Swiss traditional watch making, DuBois et fils is once again offering 99 watch lovers the opportunity to participate in the oldest Swiss watchmaking company.

In addition to participation in the watch factory, the 99 new shareholders will receive a voucher for the purchase of a watch from DuBois et fils with a 20 percent discount. To coincide with the anniversary there is also a care package for the watch: a five-year warranty as well as a free revision after the guarantee has expired. For ten years watch owners need only to enjoy the DuBois et fils watch.

Once a year, DBF shareholders are invited to the Annual General Meeting; the affinity shared by the family of shareholders is great. If you want to be one of them, you can also secure one of the 99 packages on the DuBois et fils website.

Philippe DuBois & Fils SA is the oldest watch factory in Switzerland and the manufacturer of strictly limited series pieces.

The factory has existed since 1785. In 2013 the company received new thrust through a unique Crowdfunding project. Since then, more than 800 watch lovers have become part of DuBois et fils, with limited edition pieces of between 11 and 99 pieces.

The special exclusivity of DuBois et fils watches continues with the discovery of more than 250,000 unused and in pristine condition historical movements secured by DuBois et fils in 2017.

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