Rodania 1930 Collection

Paying tribute to its origins, Rodania presents the 1930 Collection: a timeless contemporary & Swiss collection. Rodania has come a long way since it was founded in 1930. Since 2015, its parent group, Montebi, has once again been in Belgian hands. Rodania is standing on the brink to occupy a niche in the market as a strong standing SWISS MADE brand appealing to a young audience. Quality and design remain the brand’s essential cornerstones.

With The 1930 Collection Rodania is launching a series of timeless, iconic watches. These timepieces are stylish and sophisticated, but with a contemporary twist. A haven of modern design mixed with re-invented classics. For example the Zermatt Collection harks back to an iconic design that was reinvented and given an entirely new contemporary look. This classic is an ideal accessory for every occasion.

In order to capture the iconic vibe and modern twist that had to reflect in the campaign, Rodania went to Paris. The shoot, starring Belgian top model Cesar Casier, reflects the perfect balance between iconic architecture, modern world economy and a city that breathes innovation. Prices range from 250 to 600 Euros.

The Zermatt collection combines a young elegance and clever design: every season this collection gets a new colour palette that suits the style of every man or woman. All watches are Swiss made with an incredible eye for detail and quality.

The Absolute model is part of the brand’s iconic watch collection. The brand took inspiration from its rich heritage since 1930 and reinvented of Rodania classic collection. As a result, the watch became a stylish and modern wearable with a subtle passionate feeling.

The 1930 collection watches are available on leather and Milanese bracelets. Responding to the unisex trend, most of the watches can be worn by men and women.

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