Tellus watch brand was established in 1926 by Wilhelm Ulrich. Being well known for quality and reliability, it was transferred to La Chaux De Fonds, Switzerland, by Albert Juillard.

Historically, Tellus manufactured premier pocket and technical watches. The distribution of Tellus flourished to become a leading brand in the 1960’s in European countries such as Russia, Hungary and Romania, in Central America and the Caribean.

By the early 80’s as the world’s watch market was turning towards Japanese brands, Tellus Manufacturing gradually levelled off.

In 2005, Tellus made a comeback; and launched a completely new collection of highly creative timepieces designed by Lebanese designer Hovel Chenorhokian.

Parentheses, meaning brackets in French, is truly a designer’s masterpiece, featuring a unique watch case made of five pieces. A sapphire glass on top, a cylindrical case body, two brackets in solid stainless steel, and a full glass case back. In addition to its exclusive design Parentheses is the first watch with an exchangeable case. Wear it in stainless steel, change it’s colour to black chrome, solid gold or simply add diamonds for a touch of elegance.

The watch is patented for its closing system: The water resistance of the watch is secured through pressure, which is applied by adjusting the brackets to the case body. The lateral pressure is converted to vertical pressure through the 45 degree angle at the edge of the lenses and inside the brackets.


Hovel Chenorhokian founded HEXAGONE in April 2005. Located in the heart of Paris at 14 rue La Fayette near department stores. Specialized in the creation and design of watches, Hexagone reveals its first watch collection with the brands Moog Paris and Tellus. Moog Paris, a French brand, offers a line of lady fashion watches, resolutely trendy and up to date (made in France).TELLUS a Swiss brand founded in 1926, Tellus proposes high-quality watches with an avant-garde design(Swiss made).

Two segments are dynamic in the market: products above 1000 euro and those sold from 100 to 299 euro. With prices from 100 to 400 euro for Moog Paris, and from 1000 to 10000 euro for Tellus, the brands of Hexagone are well positioned on these two segments.

About Hovel Chenorhokian

Originally Born in Lebanon, Hovel Chenorhokian is a watch & consumer product designer settled in Paris since mid 1970’s. The watch business has been a tradition linked to his family. His parents were actually from Armenia who was migrated to Lebanon during First World War. It was Harout, the oldest of his uncles, who decided to undertake watch-making, a trade that grew in prominence from the 1930’s to 1950’s.He then trained his father and other relatives in the trade.

Watches were reserved to the social elite until the inception of twentieth century. With the industrial revolution, watches became accessible to common citizens, creating a serious demand for watch makers. Initially His father sub rented a corner of three square meters in a tailor shop and had set a watch repairing bench.

Though his father had started a business in very modest conditions and by the end of his career, had a well established company distributing the highest ranking Swiss brand names such as IWC, Blancpain and Breitling in the Middle East. However the Lebanese war of 1975 destroyed his father’s business and Hovel & his brother had to migrate to France.

Taking place in the late 1970’s this re-institution coincided with the transition of the watch industry from Europe to the Far East, the development of quartz watches from a product brought once in a life time, to a consumer product and a fashion accessory, giving an extra momentum to the watch industry. It was in these favorable conditions, that Hovel Chenorhokian and his brother continued the family tradition and started a small watch business in France. The business quickly developed into a multinational.

When fashion became the major criteria in the selection of a watch he decided to design watches with interchangeable for fashion conscious women. That is how the first moog watch was born.


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