G. Gerlach 7TP Automatic

G. Gerlach’s new horology creation takes inspiration from the 7TP tank produced by Poland in 1930s. The 7TP tank prototyped in 1934 proved to be – as described later after Kubianka tests in Soviet Union – the best follow up of Britain’s common Vickers Type E model.  As Soviets mastered and delivered in thousands own tank fleet based on same tank model – this must be considered as a clear proof of magnificence of polish technical & constructional skills.

7TP pioneered in some revolutionary ideas, the main of is the mass usage of diesel engines. Another new approach was attention placed for communication devices.  Even more interesting, 7TP was equipped with the Rudolf Gundlach 360 degree rotating periscope. This was way ahead of any ideas, giving devastating effect. Enough to say, that Gundlach periscope patent dated 1936, was presented by Poland to allied Great Britain for “astonishing” quote ot 1 – ONE – polish zloty. Later, became known as Vickers Tank Periscope Mk IV, used in Cromwell, Crusader, Valentine and Churchill tanks.

Great Britain provided the periscope to United States, where it was on spot placed on M4 Sherman tanks. On the other side of Vistula, Soviet tank industry immediately copied the scope, using it vastly for both T-70 and T-34 tanks. Actually unchanged scope was also produced by Germany and applied to its tank fleet. This was probably the only technical device used so vastly on each front of WWII, by all sides of the conflict same time. The 360 deg. periscope remained unchanged solution for almost 50 years of tank warfare, replaced by electronic devices only in ’70s of the XX century.

The G. Gerlach 7TP automatic watch uses a brand new, unconventional case. Its multiple angled surfaces reflect to the general idea of tanks body construction. The polished surfaces placed side by side with brushed ones, made on different levels and brushing direction. Its size is 41mmx 52mm, thickness of 12 mm. Case is made of 316L grade steel, with a flat sapphire. Sapphire is covered by non-visible, transparent AR coating. Water resistance is rated for 10 atm/ 100M. The heart of the watch is the popular NH35A automatic movement, with hacking and stop-second.  A bulky, thick and very soft military strap with quick-release spring bars is provided.

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