DeLaneau Moonlight Dragonfly

DeLaneau, the Swiss luxury watch atelier specialised in manufacturing exclusive ladies’ watches, presents Moonlight Dragonfly, an exquisitely delicate creation that boasts feminine soft colours as well as the two motifs that are united on the dial.

The feminine nature of this creation is conveyed by the moon, which is set with diamonds of various sizes and cuts. Women have always been compared to the moon because they are changeable and multifaceted, constantly in transformation. The woman is also represented by the dragonfly, which symbolizes the power of feelings and the wisdom of transformation, according to its spirit and totem. And, as the life of the dragonfly is short, this glittering insect knows that it has to live its life to the fullest – a beautiful carpe diem message.

The dragonfly had never been depicted on a DeLaneau timepiece before. The brand’s artisan enamellist decided to use a cloisonné with gold filament to portray the delicacy and lightness of the insect’s wings and twinkling body. Such a creation requires extremely meticulous work, and the risk of altering the shape of the animal is present during every step of the process. The magic of this creation is emphasized by its muted colours. Each section of the dragonfly’s body and wings contains three different enamel colours. The delicate balance between harmony, softness and intensity allows this creature of the wind to stand out vividly on the semi-opaque enamel base while keeping its lightness within the surrounding design.

This delicate timepiece portrays a dragonfly realized with a gold cloisonné, resting on a semi-opaque enamel base. The moon in champlevé is decorated with a “snow setting”, allowing this shimmering effect achieved by having set 7 different size diamonds in a random pattern. The vibrant dial is enclosed in a 36 mm red gold case set with 78 diamonds and a diamond encrusted crown. The timepiece features an automatic movement and a fabric strap equipped with a red gold ardillon buckle set with 2 diamonds. The creation totals 2.4 cts.

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