Based in Geneva, Switzerland, young luxury watch maker Breva creates timepieces with complications to monitor your environment. Breva’s watches feature proprietary movements developed in partnership with award-winning movement constructor, Jean-François Mojon/Chronode.

On Breva founder Vincent Dupontreué’s 33rd birthday in 2010, a desire for a nice watch ignited his entrepreneurial spirit and he decided to launch his own high-end Swiss brand. A beautiful weekend on Lake Como in Northern Italy provided both the inspiration for the name and the idea of creating mechanical timepieces that could monitor our environment.

In 2013, after three years of research and development in collaboration with Jean-François Mojon/Chronode, Vincent Dupontreué launched Breva with the Génie 01, the world’s first mechanical wristwatch with a barometer for forecasting the weather and an altimeter. This first creation was followed in 2014 by the Génie 02 watch with a high precision mechanical altimeter.

Featured Timepieces

Breva Génie 03 Anemometer Limited Edition

Breva Génie 03 – The World’s First Mechanical Wristwatch with a Fully Functional Speedometer

Breva Génie 01 Limited Edition in Platinum

Breva Génie 02 Air

BREVA Génie 02 Terre Limited Edition

Génie 01 by Breva – World’s First Mechanical Wristwatch with Altimeter & Barometer

Contact details

Chemin Frank-Thomas 32
Case Postale 6428
1211 Geneva

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